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    So the above is what works, show me what doesn't work. You want an email field. You seem to have idea on how to start it, I want to see what you do with it.
  3. I thought I was passing 3 integers via $mydt because it contains "1,1,2020" I've made the change to pass 3 integers ($mymm,$mydd,$myyr) and it works fine. Many thanks, Mickey
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  5. If the html code does not include a Id reference, you can add this html code ONLY to it's own php file. Then use php include to place it anywhere you require it.
  6. Ok, I will try that. Another thing, is it possible to get icons like these to appear in every article between headlines and breadtext by adding code in a php.file? I have tried this but I only manage to get them to appear above the post's headline, like in the link below(on the top left: the three square symbols). I did this by adding code to the pages.php file. But is there a way to add them in a php-file so that they appear between the headline and breadtext? Like the ones we have talked about in this thread I mean. https://valuetrendsblog.com/2020/01/why-amazon-could-soar/
  7. You're passing a single string into gregoriantojd() but it expects three integers.
  8. $mydt=$mymm.','.$mydd.','.$myyr; print("$mydt<br>"); ------------------>= 1,1,2020 $myjd=gregoriantojd($mydt); print("$myjd<br>"); ------------------>= blank (why???) $myname=jdmonthname($myjd,0); print("$myname<br>"); ---------------->= blank (why???) W3 Documentation: $jd=gregoriantojd(1,13,1998); echo jdmonthname($jd,0); ------------>= Jan It seems to me my code agrees with the documentation but it doesn't work.
  9. The only thing I can suggest is press F12 while looking at page in browser. The browsers web developer tools should appear, then inspect the icons elements to identify the cause of the misalignment, the applied css should appear in the css panel and identify where it is placed and line. Only then can you truly fix the misalignment. I don't currently have access to PC to do this.
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  11. So the most aligned I managed to get them was by using your code along with some tinkering. This was the one that worked best: .social-icon-wrap > * { position: absolute; clip: rect(0px,200px,100px,0px); overflow: hidden; } Now, I still see a bit of unalignment(especially with the tweet button). Anyone has an idea of how to make them even more symmetric? They are in this article below the headline now: https://valuetrendsblog.com/2020/01/why-amazon-could-soar/ For some reason this code aligned the pinterest button with the facebook buttons. But the tweet button went all haywire. :) Any idea on why?
  12. What you should have done on realising you made an error, is gone to Tutorial about css borders to identify the correct syntax for border styling properties, experimented until you got the correct result, instead giving up or implying you had giving up! So someone would do the work for you. This is very basic css.
  13. It is! possible, if you use correct properties. border: none;/* remove all borders, but styling remain if set by your custom css or browser default css.*/ border-bottom-width: 1px; /*show bottom border width 1px, the colour and style will be as mentioned above to what is currently set */ /*completely new style width colour*/ border-bottom: 3px dotted lime;
  14. Thanks for clarifying. I thought it was available according to what I thought I had seen in documentation. It's unfortunate that this is not possible.
  15. Hi, hopefully I'm allowed to ask this type of question here. I've already been to Adobe Forums already, however no one seems to have a solution to my question. I have this php mailer that I'd like to get working on the Canvas (I believe general JS or jQuery applies here, so hopefully this is the right sub forum). My php used to use loadvariablesnum, but since Flash is out, I'm told to use these: $.load() or $.ajax() In all honesty, I don't know how to take suggestions like that and make them work on my own. So far, I've relied on the charity of others for copy/paste solutions (to great effect, my site is 99.9% rebuilt because of this). So this mailer is the last piece I need and then I'm all done... So, I am asking for help on getting this to work, or any alternate solutions, if anyone is willing to donate their time to help me with one last ready to use copy/paste answer (I know, that's asking a LOT, so I say only if you can donate your time, then help). Here it is: This is a php e-card mailer. Fill in text fields, click send, the php loads and gets the values from the fields. It saves a txt file, generates a link, and then sends the e-mail. When users open the link, the code in the e-card loads a txt file using this old AS code (for your reference) and delivers the contents of that txt into dynamic text fields: loadVariablesNum ("http://www.MySite.net/dBText/"+EcardText+".txt", 0); Here is the send button in Adobe Animate. It used to use loadvariablesnum, but I removed it, so it currently needs a new method in JS: this.sendbutton.addEventListener('click', bF.bind(this)); function bF() { if ($('#ToName').val() == "") { this.Status.text = "please enter a to name"; } else if ($('#ToEmail').val() == "") { this.Status.text = "please enter a to email"; } else if ($('#FromName').val() == "") { this.Status.text = "please enter a from name"; } else if (FromEmail = "") { Status = "Please enter your email address"; } else if ($('#Greeting').val() == "") { this.Status.text = "please enter a greeting"; } else if ($('#IntroMessage').val() == "") { this.Status.text = "please enter a message"; } else { this.Status.text = "Sending Ecard - Please Hold"; /*actual send function should either go right here, or just on the frame it's about to jump to*/ this.gotoAndStop(2); } } Quick notes: ToName, FromName, ToEmail, Greeting and IntroMessage are component input text fields that come in Adobe's components library (with instances of the same name). FromEmail, Status, and SelectEcard are dynamic text fields with instances of the same name. (this is a personal choice, to keep FromEmail unchangeable) Now because of this, I'm not sure if the php I'm about to post has to be changed to reflect these differences: -ToEmail = ($('#ToEmail') -FromEmail = FromEmail So here is SendEcard php as it was when I used it in Flash, so I think it needs a few corrections: <? register_globals( 'NGPCFRES' ); $CreateEcard = date(U); $filename = $CreateEcard.".txt"; $ToEmail = $_POST["ToEmail"]; $FromEmail = $_POST["FromEmail"]; $ToName = $_POST["ToName"]; $FromName = $_POST["FromName"]; $Greeting = $_POST["Greeting"]; $IntroMessage = $_POST["IntroMessage"]; $EndMessage = $_POST["EndMessage"]; $EcardSelect = $_POST["selected"]; $Today = (date ("l dS of F Y ( h:i:s A )",time())); $Created = "Ecard Created on $Today"; $EcardNum = $_POST['EcardSelect']; $EcardText = "ToName={$_POST['ToName']}&ToEmail={$_POST['ToEmail']}&FromName={$_POST['FromName']}&FromEmail={$_POST['FromEmail']}&Greeting={$_POST['Greeting']}&IntroMessage={$_POST['IntroMessage']}&Created={$_POST['Created']}&"; $fp = fopen( "dBText/$filename","w"); fwrite($fp, $EcardText, 10000); fclose( $fp ); ######Email Card######## ## You can change the subject and the message part around. ## Make sure to change the Link as stated in the Tutorial. ## (Change from 'someSite' to your actual site - leave the rest the same $ToSubject = "E-card from $FromName"; $Message = "$ToName,\nYou have recieved a Flash E-card from $FromName. \nClick the following link to view your card:\n\n http://www.MYSITE.net/SelectCard.php?EcardText=$CreateEcard&ENum=$EcardNum\n\n-----------------------------------\nHere is the message that was sent:\n$ToName,\n$Greeting\n$IntroMessage\n\n-$FromName\n\n\n-----------------------------------\nThis card was sent by Bunny and Panda\n\nMaking you smile a little more each time."; mail($ToName." <".$ToEmail.">",$ToSubject, $Message, "From: ".$FromName." <".$FromEmail.">"); ## This next line returns a success message to the movie. print "_root.holder.Status=\n Copy the following link to view your card:\n http://www.MYSITE.net/SelectCard.php?EcardText=$CreateEcard%26ENum=$EcardNum\n"; function register_global_array( $sg ) { Static $superGlobals = array( 'e' => '_ENV' , 'g' => '_GET' , 'p' => '_POST' , 'c' => '_COOKIE' , 'r' => '_REQUEST' , 's' => '_SERVER' , 'f' => '_FILES' , 'n' => '_SESSION' ); Global ${$superGlobals[$sg]}; foreach( ${$superGlobals[$sg]} as $key => $val ) { $GLOBALS[$key] = $val; } } function register_globals( $order = 'gpc' ) { $_SERVER; //See Note Below $_ENV; $_REQUEST; $order = str_split( strtolower( $order ) ); array_map( 'register_global_array' , $order ); } ?> Quick note: I have created a new component text input named "Grab", and I would like the above php code to print to "Grab" instead of status. Grab is located in the base timeline, not in holder anymore. Here's an example link that is generated (take note of the format of this link): http://www.MYSITE.net/SelectCard.php?EcardText=1577837753&ENum=1 Here is a shortened example of SelectCard php (it had like 30x cards, only 2 in this example): <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>Here's your Ecard - from Bunny & Panda E-Cards</TITLE> <? register_globals( 'NGPCFRES' ); function register_global_array( $sg ) { Static $superGlobals = array( 'e' => '_ENV' , 'g' => '_GET' , 'p' => '_POST' , 'c' => '_COOKIE' , 'r' => '_REQUEST' , 's' => '_SERVER' , 'f' => '_FILES' , 'n' => '_SESSION' ); Global ${$superGlobals[$sg]}; foreach( ${$superGlobals[$sg]} as $key => $val ) { $GLOBALS[$key] = $val; } } function register_globals( $order = 'gpc' ) { $_SERVER; //See Note Below $_ENV; $_REQUEST; $order = str_split( strtolower( $order ) ); array_map( 'register_global_array' , $order ); } switch ($_GET['ENum']) { ## Birthday Cards case '1': $goto = "ecards/birthdaycards/birthday1.html?EcardText=".$EcardText; $Dimensions = "WIDTH=700 HEIGHT=564"; break; case '2': $goto = "ecards/birthdaycards/birthday2.html?EcardText=".$EcardText; $Dimensions = "WIDTH=700 HEIGHT=564"; break; } ?> <?php $url = 'http://www.MySite.net/images/wallpaper.png'; ?> </head> <body bgcolor="#FFFFFF" topmargin="0" leftmargin="0" rightmargin="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0"> <br> <br> <br> <br> <center> <OBJECT <? print "$Dimensions";?>> <PARAM NAME=movie VALUE="<? print "$goto";?>"> <PARAM NAME=quality VALUE=high> <PARAM NAME=bgcolor VALUE=#FFFFFF> <EMBED src="<? print "$goto";?>" quality=high bgcolor=#FFFFFF <? print "$Dimensions";?></EMBED> </OBJECT> </center> <style type="text/css"> body { background-image:url('<?php echo $url ?>'); } </style> </BODY> </HTML> Final thoughts: I am probably going to drop the e-mail function.. maybe just let users copy/paste the generated link instead so they can deliver it to social media or chat. I know txt files to text fields probably doesn't exist anymore, perhaps my php should be generating JS files or xml files, and they would fill out tables on the card's body? What do you think?
  16. Hi I want to take the HTML exam, but I don't know anyone who know html except me. I have no teacher or adult who knows about HTML other than me. Only my mom and she isn't certified to know this. So can I do it with out a supervisor?
  17. Is there any icon available for the Ammo sign I am looking for 1 for my website https://www.bulkcheapammo.com/ Or Do I need to hire someone to create one for me? What is normal cost to make a SVG
  18. Last week
  19. thanks dsonesuk. obviously, i didn't know that off the top of my head, but would've figured it out. thanks again for the save.
  20. because there is no such thing as border: bottom; color, style and width is what you need to set, that is not recognised, so reverts to default.
  21. With this, I get no borders (as requested): <input readonly style='border:none;color:black;text-align:left;width:100;font-size:16' value='$ActNm'> With this, I get borders all around while I just want a bottom border. <input readonly style='border:bottom;color:black;text-align:left;width:100;font-size:16' value='$ActNm'>
  22. Point. What's your actual relevant code look like?
  23. Thanks but this wont do the job. I dont think using <div> and </div> tags for every <input...> tag I have is the way to do it. What I'm looking for is bottom borders for my <input...> tag. Also, the W3 example of margins doesn't even work in the W3 documentation itself. Go there and try to modify the margin sizes!
  24. Add margins to your thinking:https://www.w3schools.com/css/css_margin.asp
  25. How do I get bottom borders or left borders only? In my input tag, I've used style='border:none' --- works fine. style='border:left' --- I get all borders. style='border:bottom' --- I get all borders. TKS
  26. Perfect! On mobile, I am using "hamburger" menu so no worries but thanks for pointing out the pitfall of using multiple columns for submenus.
  27. 1) It's the order of precedence, cascading style sheet, meaning precedence will always cascade down to the lowest, unless the previous has a higher precedence because it's more specific, and uses a identifying selector such as class, Id or it references a class, Id of parent elements or even its parent elements tagname itself. a div element selector div{} is the lowest precedence you can have. A section parent with div i.e section div {} increases precedence it's more specific, then you can start including class div.classname{} will specifically target div with class 'classname', this has higher precedence over the previous mentioned, using a unique id will give it even higher precedence and so on. 2) again precedence! Inline styling on element is the closest you can get, so it has higher precedence, changing the styling of that, is difficult unless !important (not advisable) is used within embedded styling between <head>...</head> or external stylesheet. So to have more control, avoid element inline styling. Embedded styling second level of precedence with external stylesheet third, but the rules still apply from (1) IF the selector is more specific with higher precedence over those following it, except for inline element styling (unless the bad !important is used), It will overide those specific property set styling.
  28. Please keep your question to one topic. There is already a topic here: I have little experience with Laravel, but I'm sure a Google search would find something you could use.
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    please i need all javascript tutorial pdf file
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