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  2. How do I output the current timestamp with a format DD.MM.YYYY HH:MM:SS The web page does not show it (an example). Thank you Peter
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  4. Looks normal to me, can you provide a screenshot of the issue?
  5. OK figured it out! The starting navigation #sticky-header Is a block level element, which is all fine and dandy till you scroll past the menu and I add the class .stuck With the style of position: fixed; Now I want it to be fixed so the menu stays with the user as they scroll BUT fixed makes it lose the block level element causing the space change that made it not line up correctly. Sooooo, now for the solution! I added float: left; To my starting styles for #sticky-header AND added padding-top: 140px; To the next element to compensate for the height of the now fixed menu and viola! If you can think of a better alternative let me know!
  6. Do you have a live example? You can use Chromes inspector tool (CTRL + SHIFT + I) to see which class is working and which is crossed out.
  7. The rel attribute won't cause the problem, its because both target the same elements, and which ever is last will precendence over the previous. The best option is to use a different identifier class for each element targeted, so no conflict will occur.
  8. So I did try that but when I add: #why-amac{ margin-top: 100px; } And click that same "Why AMAC" link the header still covers that same area but if I scroll up the space will be there.
  9. You need to add padding or margin to top of selected section.
  10. I am developing a single page website that scrolls to each section when selected, live example: The issue I am having is with the sticky header, when you click the first link "Why AMAC" it will send you to the first section BUT when the header changes to fixed position it covers the content. I searched google reading a ton of articles but nothing seemed to address this issue, maybe I am missing the correct term for what my issue is. Is there any solution you know of that can fill the gap for when the header changes to fixed? - Image one - what the problem looks like - Image two - how I would like it to look
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  12. Hey guys, this is probably a simple question but I'm new to coding so your comments/solutions will be greatly appreciated. I inserted the links below on the same page (within <head> section) and can't get both to work. For example, cloudflare icons are not rendering unless the googlefonts link is deleted (and vice versa) but I want to keep both. <link rel="stylesheet" href="|Questrial"> <link rel="stylesheet" href=""> Looks to me like both links are conflicting probably because rel="stylesheet" is same for both. Is there a way to combine both links on the same page to avoid the conflict? Any suggestions or solutions? Thanks! VJ
  13. Hello This is my site made with Wordpress using the theme called Divi. Something really annoying is happening right and that is whatever section i put after the Instagram section, it gets forced to be positioned to the left. Any idea why this is happening? In this moment is the footer what appears aligned to the left, but if i put the footer in another place, it gets centered; the same if i put another section just after the Instagram section, it gets forced to the left. What is causing it?
  14. Practically impossible to do in all browsers, only option is to place image or styled element over the top of button, which should be hidden. When the user clicks image/styled button, they actually click the hidden button instead.
  15. Other question, please. How can i edit the browse button?
  16. OMG! GENIUS! It's solved. I need to remember that in the future.
  17. Short code colours use only 3 characters after hash symbol, full code use 6, try removing a single 0.
  18. You would only use ImageMagik for formats that php imagecreate functions can't process, like tiff images to jpg/png that was brought up in recent topic, for jpg/png/gif images, php should be able to resize/rename/relocate without the need for imagemagick.
  19. This is my page, where i have 2 contact forms, i need to fix the one in the bottom: I want the input-type file to have a black background, so i do this: div.wpcf7 input[type="file"] { cursor: pointer; padding-bottom: 50px; background-color: #0000 !important; } But it doesn't work, it's still white. Is something missing?
  20. Hello, The website contains 7 vertical sections. Of these, I required to complete the second section only, which is titled 'BRAND VISION'. This section contains 5 slides. Will you help me to develop this slides?
  21. Thanks, dsonesuk. I will work on your advice. The FastStone looks really good - I will probably just use that in future instead of MS Paint. I think the imagick is a bit beyond my powers of understanding, to be honest. Thanks Max
  22. How can I create an overlapping element like what Harry's have done in the attached screenshot? They have an image that overlaps two different coloured section backgrounds. I can't for the life of me figure out how to do it.
  23. I have run IE11 v11.0.44 (KB4025252) from Windows 10, and see no such problem with 'try it example', and copied 'try it example' on local server? You are trying it from local server? When saving html page, IF saved in notepad as encoded to UTF 8, NOT ascii? Don't have any custom styling that will interfere with w3css styling? set in IE 11 browser itself.
  24. Started using w3.CSS few days back and it is very easy to understand and use as compared to any other frameworks. Congratulations to the team behind the framework. Please provide sample code for W3.CSS Navigation Bar with multi level menu with options for Icons, Separators & disabled menu items. Thanks & Regards Dileep
  25. Having issues with w3.css and Internet Explorer 11. Have taken the example html from one of the Responsive sections ( and made a single html file from it. This example shows two columns side by side in one row. This works as advertised in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. In IE11, however, the two columns are stacked on top of one another, and each are the full width of the page. I have two laptops running native Windows 7 with IE11. Version 11.0.13 shows the page properly. Version 11.0.44 does not. So, it appears that different versions of IE11 behave differently. I just let the machine with 11.0.13 start updating, so it will probably not work when that's done. Running IE11 from Windows 10 (IE11 v11.0.44) gets the same error. It looks as if the column width is being ignored? Oddly, when I go to the w3.css web page from within IE11, the example displays properly. Would anyone know why this might be happening? Thanks, Bob Wirka w3.css.test1.html
  26. See
  27. Well it would using MS Paint, but using FastStone Photo Resizer, it will do multiple selected images, to a specific size proportionately, rename adding custom suffix like '_thumb', and save to alternative format, to a destination you chose.
  28. Really? maybe is a Spain hosting problem, because they show how to install here
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