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    div>p {background-color: yellow;} Will set paragraphs that's a direct child element of parent element div with background yellow https://www.w3schools.com/cssref/tryit.asp?filename=trycss_sel_element_gt it won't change paragraphs nested within other child elements of the div parent. div p {background-color: yellow;} will change ALL child paragraphs within parent div whether they are nested or not. :root will target the <html> element, it being the outermost containing element (root) * universal selector: meaning target ALL elements. : single colon used for pseudo classes such as :hover, :link, : visited :: used for pseudo element ::after, ::before used to create content before or after a elements content, NOTE: older IE browsers use the single colon, but both can be used for modern better browsers than IE and Edge.
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    (1) All form element in your current setup should appear in between <form> and </form> (2) IF using $_POST! The idea is to set a value for each checkbox so when it is submitted it is sent as $_POST array with these values. (4) IF using $_GET! THIS " window.location.assign("deleteVideo.php?id=" + id); " is a $_GET querystring, so ALL $_POST['...'] in 'deleteVideo.php' should be $_GET['...'] instead (3) As these can be multiple values the value of name attribute, should reflect it will be an array of values as in "name='checkbox[]'" (4) The 'id' argument equals WHAT? in onclick="myFunction(id)", its just text or undefined variable? (5) How can $id exist or be defined if it has not retrieved yet! $sql = mysqli_query($database, "SELECT * FROM video WHERE id='$id'"); (6) You need to make your mind up which to use $_GET or $_POST, if using the $_GET by using JavaScript to open this page then empty($_POST['delete'] will never exist. IF sent through GET querystring you would have to use $_GET['..']; instead (6) This if($val=='checked') will never be true, the $id will equal index value of array holding the value which current does not exist? as there is no value assigned to that checkbox.
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    It is a nice way to interact with GitHub, but it isnt a GUI for just using Git. Still, very useful since sometimes its hard to remember the commands for pushing to GitHub like "git push origin master"