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  1. I would look into jquery's closest() function which will search up the dom until it finds what it is looking for. Once you found the tr I think you could use jquery's index() index function closest() index()
  2. I think this may be a (hopefully temporary) issue with Firefox and aria-live as I can see there are pages written about aria-live with examples on the Mozilla Developer website: The example's don't have role="alert". I recently noticed a popup alert when opening firefox while running JAWS which mentions that "some accessibility features are disabled due to conflicts with new firefox features". So I guess all there is to do at this point is hope they fix this. Chat areas using aria-live as it is right now would be terrible with it announcing "ALERT!" before each new message.
  3. Is there any way to make aria-live="assertive" work on firefox without having to use role="alert"? By the way this is using firefox on windows with JAWS. aria-live with mac on firefox doesn't work. In the jsfiddle example link below, the live element has role="alert" and it works but if you remove the role="alert" it won't work. The reason I want to get this working without the role="alert" is because JAWS announces "Alert" before each message which when the role is set to alert. Thank you everyone