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  1. Could you please tell me how does exactly a missile launch code work ? I have a website here which is of course fake https://whitehouse.gov1.info/launch/launch.html and I saw codes like this : pyHAvqTp3Mxye8vscUGr+92wvuhK6eyL9QBseQ4gsX3Fcnr2xO 9cMJHoSdEv98hVymwhLsOgLzigJHPTfxA0Ani7EWNaZx1hLaRm pyHAv2KZ9gRLgLtwb4spOh0Xb1cFjsZ3tcbo6CnuUT+wOy74p7 mQINBE+UYy0BEADeUhQF1JVfDU9/OAvWD3FajAyQPjAeiOoVRfukM0L8qFQCieCN pyHAvqTp3Mxye8vscUGr+92wvuhK6eyL9QBseQ4gsX3Fcnr2xO 9cMJHoSdEv98hVymwhLsOgLzigJHPTfxA0Ani7EWNaZx1hLaRm pyHAv2KZ9gRLgLtwb4spOh0Xb1cFjsZ3tcbo6CnuUT+wOy74p7 mQINBE+UYy0 how does the whole process work?
  2. var x = document.anchors ; for ( var i = 0 ; i < 5 ; i++) { console.log(x[i]); } gives as a result and even var x = document.anchors ; for ( var i = 0 ; i < 5 ; i++) { alert(x[i]); } gives undefined I do not know how to get the result . Any help
  3. finding HTML objects : document.anchors I would like to enumerate the first 5 <a> elements using for loop but I failed : var x = document.anchors ; for ( var i = 0 ; i<=5 ; i++) { console.log(x);} This what I got HTMLCollection [ ] HTMLCollection [ ] HTMLCollection [ ] HTMLCollection [ ] HTMLCollection [ ] I would like to get the first 5 elements . Any hint ?
  4. Now to understand : document.getElementById(id).onclick = function(){code} I wrote this : <html> <body> <p id="here">w3schools.invisionzone.com</p> <script> function change() { var x = document.getElementById('here'); x.style.color = "red"; } </script> <form> <button type="button" onclick="change()" >Click Me!</button> </form> </body> </html>
  5. So I did like this to get the parent of the child element : var b = document.getElementsByTagName('a')[2] ; var x = b.parentNode ; console.log(x); and I got : <div style="float:left;width:50%;overflow:hidden;height:44px"> then did like this : x.removeChild( and it was removed
  6. For example in this script : <body> <div class='w3-container top'> <a class='w3schools-logo' href='http://www.w3schools.com'>w3schools<span class='dotcom'>.com</span></a> <div class='w3-right toptext w3-wide'>THE WORLD'S LARGEST WEB DEVELOPER SITE</div></div> <div class='w3-navbar w3-card-2 w3-slim topnav' id='topnav'> <div style='overflow:auto;'> <div style='float:left;width:50%;overflow:hidden;height:44px'> <a href='javascript:void(0);' class='topnav-localicons w3-hide-large w3-left' onclick='open_menu()' title='Menu'>☰</a> <a href='/default.asp' class='topnav-icons fa fa-home w3-left' title='Home'></a> <a href='/html/default.asp' class='w3-hide-small' title='HTML Tutorial'>HTML</a><a href='/css/default.asp' class='w3-hide-small' title='CSS Tutorial'>CSS</a><a href='/js/default.asp' class='w3-hide-small' title='JavaScript Tutorial'>JAVASCRIPT</a><a href='/sql/default.asp' class='w3-hide-small' title='SQL Tutorial'>SQL</a><a href='/php/default.asp' class='w3-hide-small' title='PHP Tutorial'>PHP</a><a href='/bootstrap/default.asp' class='w3-hide-small' title='Bootstrap Tutorial'>BOOTSTRAP</a><a href='/jquery/default.asp' class='w3-hide-small' title='jQuery Tutorial'>JQUERY</a><a href='/angular/default.asp' class='w3-hide-small' title='Angular Tutorial'>ANGULAR</a><a href='/xml/default.asp' class='w3-hide-small' title='XML Tutorial'>XML</a></div> <div style='float:right;width:110px;overflow:hidden;height:44px;'> <a href='javascript:void(0);' class='topnav-icons fa fa-search w3-right' onclick='w3_open_nav("search")' title='Search W3Schools'></a> <a href='javascript:void(0);' class='topnav-icons fa fa-globe w3-right' onclick='openGoogleTranslate();w3_open_nav("translate")' title='Translate W3Schools'></a></div> <div class='w3-hide-small' style='float:right;width:30%;overflow:hidden;height:44px;'> <a id='topnavbtn_tutorials' href='javascript:void(0);' onclick='w3_open_nav("tutorials")' title='Tutorials'>TUTORIALS <i class='fa fa-caret-down'></i><i class='fa fa-caret-up' style='display:none'></i></a><a id='topnavbtn_references' href='javascript:void(0);' onclick='w3_open_nav("references")' title='References'>REFERENCES <i class='fa fa-caret-down'></i><i class='fa fa-caret-up' style='display:none'></i></a><a id='topnavbtn_examples' href='javascript:void(0);' onclick='w3_open_nav("examples")' title='Examples'>EXAMPLES <i class='fa fa-caret-down'></i><i class='fa fa-caret-up' style='display:none'></i></a><a href='/forum/default.asp'>FORUM</a></div></div> <div id='nav_tutorials' class='w3-dropnav w3-light-grey w3-card-2 w3-center'></div> <div id='nav_references' class='w3-dropnav w3-light-grey w3-card-2 w3-center'></div> <div id='nav_examples' class='w3-dropnav w3-light-grey w3-card-2 w3-center'></div> <div id='nav_translate' class='w3-dropnav w3-light-grey w3-card-2 w3-center'></div> <div id='nav_search' class='w3-dropnav w3-light-grey w3-card-2 w3-center'></div></div> <div class='w3-row w3-light-grey' id='belowtopnav'> <div class='w3-col w3-slim' id='leftmenu'> <div id='leftmenuinner'> <div class='w3-light-grey' id='leftmenuinnerinner'> how to delete this element : <a href='/default.asp' class='topnav-icons fa fa-home w3-left' title='Home'></a> var b = document.getElementsByTagName('a')[2] ; and we know that it is the child of <body> so I did like this : var b = document.getElementsByTagName('a')[2] ; document.body.parentElement.removeChild( but I got an error : However if we look in html script above we will notice that body node exists so why it says node not found ? and how to correct again the error
  7. Look Justsomeguy I am an idiot . The whole time the word interface was explained here in simple words http://www.w3schools.com/js/js_htmldom_methods.asp But because I did not open my eyes and give some efforts to read . I did not notice it Now I would like to know what is a node . So , first , I tried to reread all the pages I already read so that I did not miss the definition of the word node in w3schools tutorial but I could not find the definition as I did with the word interface . However I found this interesting tree : So I think that each element is a node of the tree . title is a node , href is a node and body is a node... . Right ? or wrong ? In the same time , head element is a child of the parent html element and body element is the child of the parent html element . Title element is the child of head element which is its parent . and html element is the grandfather of the title element Right or wrong ?
  8. ok now coming to document.removeChild(element) I did like this : var b = document.getElementsByTagName('a')[7]; document.removeChild( but there was an error saying what is the meaning of the error ? and how to correct it ?
  9. So an interface is the methods and properties of an object ??
  10. Thank you for the link . The blueprint of an object or the object interface is nothing more than its methods and properties . Right ? or wrong ?
  11. To understand better I will write that in java script a variable is an object . So var name = "john"; is an object with value john . Could you please give me the blueprint of the variable name ?
  12. Literary , I know what a blueprint means but programmatically not . For example this is an object : <div id="headerSubnav"> what is its blueprint ? please write me its blueprint so that I know how does the blueprint of the object <div id="headerSubnav"> look like
  13. ok so let's say that what you mean is these three links : https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Introduction_to_Programming_Languages/Parsing http://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/parse http://nathansuniversity.com/pegs.html in the last link it written : what is the need to turn a program written by a programmer into structured data before being compiled ? Why we do not compile the program directly ?
  14. So the data read to a log file is parsed or broken up so that when we open the log file to see what is inside it , it looks like this : May 8 11:22:23 server5 pure-ftpd: (?@ [INFO] New connection from May 8 11:22:27 server5 pure-ftpd: (?@ [WARNING] Authentication failed for user [anonymous] May 8 11:22:28 server5 pure-ftpd: (?@ [INFO] Logout. May 8 11:22:28 server5 pure-ftpd: (?@ [INFO] New connection from May 8 11:22:33 server5 pure-ftpd: (?@ [WARNING] Authentication failed for user [ruralmetro] May 8 11:22:34 server5 pure-ftpd: (?@ [INFO] Logout. May 8 11:23:05 server5 pure-ftpd: (?@ [INFO] New connection from May 8 11:23:14 server5 pure-ftpd: (?@ [WARNING] Authentication failed for user [onlinelearning] May 8 11:23:14 server5 pure-ftpd: (?@ [INFO] Logout. well organized , in order and clear . Right or wrong ? Parsing is done in the same time with reading or before ? I mean data are parsed then read to log file or parsed meanwhile it is being read ? What happens if data is not parsed and read to a log file ? what happens if it is being read without being parsed ? it will look like this : èÇ R…Àt*ÇD$7`Dn‰$èº ƒì…Àt Ç$ÄRDnÿÐÉø 맸 ëâU‰åƒìÇ$ `Dnè~ Q…Àt%ÇD$K`Dn‰$èq ƒì…Àt Ç$ àDnÿÐÉÃv ¸ ëç ƒ|$u ¸€`DnÃv 1Àö ¼' ¸€`DnÃ|$u ¸ aDnÃv 1Àö ¼' UWVSƒì|‹¬$ Ç$ èv ‰D$LÇD$ ÇD$ ÇD$ D$L‰$è¾ èÁ Ç$ è­ S‹•Ð ‰T$4…Ò„š ÿE‰,$è¿$ öÄ0„ ‰,$è®$ öÄ@… ‹˜ …É„Ö Ç$ è[ R‹]4ûA ië û@ ŒÔ „¾ ‰,$è†^ …ÀŽO ÇED ‹}l…ÿ„l ÇE4B ¾B ‹L$4…Éu`´& ‰óûA ~¦ûa Ê û` Œ® „¸ ‰,$è ^ …ÀŽé ÇED ÇE4 ¾ t& ‹L$4…Ét¨9Þt¤‰]4ÇD$ ÇD$ ‰,$‹T$4ÿÒ‰u4‰ó냉,$èèÓ éîþÿÿv û Ä û ŒH ÇE0 „Ë ‹E<‹pû „Ð ‹UT‹‚ Bd‹’ | ÿÿ? ‡ ‹ED‰ú)‰T$ð‰D$‰,$‰T$0èšV ‹T$09Â…® ‹Ed…Àt+‹Uh‰T$‰l$‰|$‰t$ÇD$ ‹U ‰T$Ç$ ÿÐƒÆ ‰t$8‹UT‹‚ …À… ÇD$ ‰,$è´I …À„£ ‹El…À„Ñ ‹UT‹L$8Š Š ‹Bdƒø ‡ zh‰ÎƒøƒT 1Ò¨tf‹f‰º ¨tŠˆÇED ÇE4 ¾ éqþÿÿû€ „$ ^ ƒßÿÿƒø‡ï ‹…È ¨„© ‹•À ‹²œ …öt¨…‘ ‹}T—ð ‰T$8ûp „“ ûq „ ûr „° ‹E<‹p‹‡ ‡ xÿÿ? † ??
  15. I will try my best man . What does blueprint of an object mean ?