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  1. because it's height and scrollbar always out of control and let me crazy. It looks like I will have no choice.
  2. Hello, I have a page and I hope embed an external page like into but I don't want to use iframe or frame In addition to these two methods there are other ways? thanks.
  3. Thank for your help, I'm not notice your main is $("#unexe_table").on("click", ".up, .down", function() {...}) not $(".up, .down").on("click", function() {...}) $("#unexe_table").on("click", ".up, .down", function() {...}) can be work thanks.
  4. Thank you for your help, I thought it would cover the original event handler my code was originally written like this, but tbody content from ajax return and I have use blockUI plugin function SearchQuery(){ $.ajax({ ...... async: false, beforeSend:function(){ $.blockUI({ css: { border: 'none', padding: '15px', backgroundColor: '#000', '-webkit-border-radius': '10px', '-moz-border-radius': '10px', opacity: .5, color: '#fff' }, message: '<p>Searching´╝îplease wait...</p>' }); }, success: function(response) { $("#query_content_unexe").html(response['query_content']); actOrder(); }, complete:function(){ $.unblockUI(); } }) } when I use "async: false" blockUI will not work, if I no use "async: false" up and down click will not work, so I used the function
  5. Hello, this is my code demo when I click "new" button and then click cell "c" -> "down" button, it will move 2 rows but if I don't click "new" button, I only click cell "c" -> "down" button, it's ok where is this error?
  6. ok, thank you for your help
  7. it's work. Thank you for your help.
  8. Hello, I have some html code like this <table> <thead>....</thead> <tbody id="content"> <tr> <td> <img ......> <img onclick="test()" src="1.jpg"> </td> </tr> <tr> <td><img onclick="test()" src="3.jpg"></td> </tr> <tr> <td> <img ......> <img ......> <img onclick="test()" src="2.jpg"> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> when I onclick 3.jpg, I want get tr index is 1, and I onclick 1.jpg, I want get tr index is 0 how can I use jQuery or javascript get the tr index and no use like parentNode api? because I not sure parentNode of img must be td, maybe it's div, span, or a table. Thanks.
  9. Hello, I have some environment upload_path = 'abc/' upload_size = '5M' sys_id = 'w3c' session_time = '600' ...... I want use DB or use *.ini access these variables. whcih one is better and safe? Thanks.
  10. Hi all, I have a data like this, dept_no under_dept level 01000 01000 0 01010 01000 1 03000 01000 1 03010 03000 2 03016 03010 3 03020 03000 2 03050 03000 2 03056 03050 3 91020 91020 1 now I have a var $x = 01000, then I should get all data row, when $x = 03000, then I should get dept_no like '03%' row when $x = 03010, then I should only get dept_no = 03010 and 03016 row does anyone have good idea can tell me how can I do? thanks
  11. OK, Thank you for your help
  12. Thank you for your help and information. I learned a lot. Besides, which browsers maybe used IndexOf('/') ?
  13. Hello, I have a javascript code like this <input type="file" class="filename" onchange="myFunction(this)"> <script> function myFunction(elem) { if(elem.value.replace(/C:\\fakepath\\/g ,"").length > 20) { elem.value = elem.defaultValue; alert('The file name too long!'); return false; } else{ alert('OK'); } } </script> when I select a file, the IE11 will display two message, fisrt alert 'ok' then alert 'The file name too long!' but firefox and chrome is correct, only display 'The file name too long!' how can I do that IE11 only display one message? Thanks.
  14. OK, thank you for your help, I will change to use openssl_encrypt.
  15. ok, thank you very much for your explanation, now I fully understand. I tried file_get_contents() after the encrypt file still 0 byte, might it openssl_private_encrypt() has special rule? I looks website, it said.. But my test file only had 24KB, is it a large data?