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  1. css references in w3schools template

    You could, BUT! I would leave as is, these files are small and minified.
  2. css references in w3schools template

    The googleapis refers to css file that has url links to several font files on its server, so you would have to make sure you have all theses identical files and make sure the urls refer to these files new locations on your server. The awesome uses css to display hundreds of encoded icons, not just the one for mobile hamburger icon. Any classes using prefix 'fa-' uses font-awesome to produce that button icon, arrow etc. Both these files are small text based files, and should not be a drain on bandwidth.
  3. Help modifying w3 template

    Completely remove 'w3-third' class column elements, then remove 'w3-twothird' class from remaining column so that 'w3-container' class only, remains.
  4. multiple width/height values for modal images

    You need to check height against width using javascript, once images are loaded, then add class of landscape or portrait depending on outcome. Then use javascript to adjust modal to class of image.
  5. Get Checkbox Data error

    <?php $stove=""; if(isset($_POST['stove'])){ $stove=$_POST['stove']; }
  6. Matomo: async, defer, and insertBefore()

    They may be read and executed, but a executed code may not completely finish before other code is executed. Unless you specifically create the code to run after the previous is completed. The jQuery ready( ) function acts as a onload event itself and is mainly used for presetting, manipulation of elements, and adding events to specific elements after the pages html has been fully rendered.
  7. Modals with combo boxes

    You have missed closing div's for second modal, the btn1 still refers to first class 'close' found using index of 0, the 'bin' variable which has onclick event in second modal code, should be 'bin1'. You also need to reduce number of window.onclick events to 1, and add 'else if' condition to check for modal1 target event.
  8. CSS Required Field X Not Displaying Properly

    Try given it overflow: visible; or increase padding so is shows completely within the container.
  9. As far as the parent knows it has no content, because using position: absolute for child element takes it out of the flow from other elements. They will collapse, or attempt to fill the space left by these elements. The parent has no height and now no width because you are using float, which causes the element to shrink to content which as stated above does not exist. So all child element are moved now to the right, moving content from just inside the parent right edge outwards beyond the right edge. The child elements will overlap each other as well. ARE you sure you don't have an option? you see what you have to consider and issue you have to endure using position: absolute.
  10. Populating link with combo box values

    Depends when you want it to change? On selection of 'calendar' Or on button click. On selection, requires you add onchange event to mySelect2 element, then check value, if true go to mySelect3 value/text directly using index for option element OR a 'for' loop, looping through each option then change when value/text matches. This option means the user will see the text/value of 'docx' for selection. On button click, the text/value of mySelect2 element is checked, if equals 'calendar', the value/text of mySelect3 is changed, the user will not see change take place. Note: You should avoid spaces in file names, as this can be problematic, I suggest you use hyphens '-', this is still readable by SEO. So not a case of simply saying it!
  11. Php.ini file?

    There are three main types of SSL and depending on type of website site you plan on having, determines the type of SSL you should use. See the bottom of this host certificate page on types and what they are used for. https://www.1and1.co.uk/ssl-certificate
  12. How to overwrite list style

    You can't then, unless you lose the option to create bootstrap menu with current used classes.
  13. list-style-image

    Create a element to apply background-image, with height and width. The two option would be to use a span or content: textual element, and use position: absolute; left, top properties within a position: relative list item.
  14. How to overwrite list style

    Remove those classes, that would remove the bullets or add your custom class so it has higher precedence over the current classes <ul class="show_bullets menu nav"> <li class="first leaf active-trail visited active"><a href="">nnnn</a></li> <li class="leaf"><a href="">xxxxxx</a></li> </ul> .show_bullets.nav { list-style: initial; padding-left: 40px; } ul.show_bullets li.collapsed, ul.show_bullets li.expanded, ul.show_bullets li.leaf { display: list-item; list-style: initial; }
  15. list-style-image

    It would be better to use a background image, if you what to change the size.
  16. Language Problem

    if the content is from database that hold French content. It just needs an identifier to switch to French content and could use the same php file. Some CMS systems have language files for commonly used words, like 'Name' and 'Address' for example, these would have there French equivalent words, so when 'French' website is selected it would use 'Name' as a key to show 'Nom' and 'Address' key to show 'Adresse'.
  17. Language Problem

    You can use google translate or similar, but! the downside is its not perfect. The other option is to use maybe a sub-domain such as fr.yoursitename.com, this will be manually edited to reflect a totally French language site, then by clicking a language link on both, you will taken to one or the other.
  18. Language Problem

    MS Notepad: click 'Save As...' from File tab, the 'Save As' window will open, at the bottom you should see Encoding: and by default will show 'ANSI', click dropdown arrow and select 'UTF-8', then save. Note: Using Notepad++, would do this automatically, and is much better than MS Notepad.
  19. Language Problem

    (1) Make sure you save files using UTF-8 encoding. (2) Make sure the meta tag charset is set to use UTF-8. https://www.w3schools.com/tags/att_meta_charset.asp (3) Make sure, if content from database, that the fields are set to use UTF-8.

    How was we supposed to know you was using background image on body element and not a inline-block div? How was we supposed to know you had zeroed the margins? None of this was mentioned, and both of these would have caused the problem. You don't require width: 100% on body/html element both are block elements, so don't require this. You should also zero padding for html, body for browsers that use padding as well. Using 100% height, on html, body means the height will be that of browser window, so the background-image will be to the same height and remain that height, even if you add content to the the page that extended beyond the browser window height, causing scrollbars to appear.

    How are we supposed to identify the specific problem why this is happening, without html, css code?

    position: absolute; is the problem! By removing position: relative; you have removed the positioned absolute element from being positioned relative to the position: relative; element edges, it will now be positioned relative to the body element.
  23. They are different depending on what browser you use. That is why devs use reset, or normalize css to make it consistent cross browser. To style a element specifically, say the ul and li for a menu for instance, you would zero margin, padding, list-style-type, text-indent, but make sure it is for the menu only, by using unique identifier id, class or because it is menu only, those ul and li elements within nav element, you then preserve the original styling for unordered listing for future use.
  24. Forms

    The other way is to send the form inputs to a php script, that will gather the data submitted by the form, then process the data to use in php email function mail() https://www.w3schools.com/php/func_mail_mail.asp
  25. Forms

    That is because you are using mailto: within the action attribute, anyone submitting this form, will have their default email program open up.