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  1. You said it was storing "500+ MB" for the site, where is all of that space going?
  2. It's fine to use unicode. You can even have unicode domain names. Edit: here's one: http://㯙㯜㯙㯟.net
  3. I understand what the purpose is, but I don't know why that onChange function isn't running because I haven't looked up any documentation about how to use it, who makes it, looked for examples, etc. I would suggest looking for some documentation about how to use it.
  4. I would cache everything that doesn't change often, that's what caching is for. If your site is caching several hundred MB, then that's probably an indication that your site is too big, not that you should reduce caching.
  5. Please do not create duplicate topics. I've merged all of your topics about the same issue here, let's keep the discussion in one place.
  6. That's still an embedded codepen thing, not just a link to the site. From what I can tell it looks like that onChange function does not get executed, if I add some console.log statements I don't see them. I don't know why though, I don't know what that CodeMirror is.
  7. OK, you answered one out of three. What exactly happens when you run it? Are there error messages in the developer console? How about in the network console, is there anything listed as not loading? You'll find that you get better answers when you ask better questions. If you make it easy for people to help you then people will be more likely to help you.
  8. Do you have a regular link instead of an embed? Also, you should work on making your thread titles descriptive.
  9. What does "not working" mean, what do you expect it to do and what actually happens? Are you checking your browser's developer console for errors?
  10. Check the settings for error reporting and logging to see what they're set to. Depending on your host, you may be able to make changes to those settings in a .htaccess file or other file. You should definitely try to understand the error reporting settings on that server so that you can find the actual error messages instead of trying to guess what the problems are, you just can't effectively debug problems if you can't find the error messages. http://php.net/manual/en/configuration.php
  11. Well, it's really up to you to strike the balance that makes sense to you. Either you use disk space to cache files that aren't going to change much, or you use time and bandwidth to transfer those files every time someone pulls up your site. You can pull up your browser's developer tools and enable/disable the disk cache to see the balance that you're at.
  12. Have you looked up what those do? It's not related to caching, look up mod_deflate if you want to see what it does. Why exactly do you think you're caching too much? How much should you cache?
  13. The page is blank because, like I said, there are syntax errors. If your file has syntax errors then nothing gets executed at all, PHP can't even figure out the structure of your code to even start running it. The lack of error messages means that you either have error reporting turned off, or it's going to an error log. Yes there is. If you want to figure out which one your server is using, create a phpinfo page and look for the line that says "loaded configuration file" or something similar. If PHP somehow got installed on that server with no php.ini file at all then it's going to use default values for every option. <?php phpinfo();
  14. You can't look at the source code of arbitrary PHP files. This forum is using index.php, can you see the code for it? Depending on where your data comes from, the only issues with that might be something like XSS, but I'm not sure if XSS applies in an RSS feed (I don't know if the Javascript code will get executed).
  15. Whether or not the code has security problems depends on the actual code.