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  1. Hmm, well the example I got of this was from a tutorial on a video site. So I'm not knowledgeable in MySql, or php. I'm also not a computer programmer, so I'm not versed in the subject of web languages. I only ever got as far as html 4.01, that was ten years back. So therefore I returned here to get some answers for my problem. The clips jump from here to there, and so on. Its great, but it is all bit messy. Okay, now I get a post.php, but no values in the database. So from what you have stated, about !$con is a problem. I doubt I'd have to be concerned about any scramble mysql code or so. I'm not going very far with this yet. Some sort of login page/comment form. Thank you. <? php $con= mysqli_connect('mysql service db ip'.'root',''); if (!$con) { echo 'Not connected To Server'; } if(!mysqli_select_db($con, 'page')) { echo 'Database Not selected'; } $Email = $_POST('email'}; $Password = $_POST('Password'}; $sql = "INSERT INTO Person(Email, password) ValueS ('$Email', '$password')"; if(!mysqli_query(!$con,sql)) { echo ''; } else { echo ''; } header(""); ?>
  2. Ah okay, I see. I did change that. It doesn't redirect back to the login page, as well, there is no record in the mysql database.
  3. Yep they are in htdocs.
  4. I wasn't able to solve this, what could be the problem with this?
  5. I do remember the one from ten years back, when I was more of a browser of this site. I did like the older one. At the end of the day I've only returned recently, and the longest since that time.
  6. Hello, Thank you for the responses, tried the following edits. And the files are located in htdocs folder in the online file manager? And no, form.php just goes to a 404.
  7. Hello, I have this code here, I watched a video on how to create a form for php posting. In phpmyadin, the database is called 'page', so, what happens after I post an email and password on my page, it goes to a 404 on the web host I'm using. So the php file, and the web page above. Here is screen of the phpmyadmin. Thank you.
  8. Hi, I don't know if there are some veterans of website design going back. I'm certainly neither one myself. But how has the website design business changed now as to twenty years ago?
  9. Very unlikely that would happen, the worst would be a web page being taken down. May be repeated offenses could lead to a serious penalty fine.
  10. Hi, I'm on an old system 32 bit XP, running Firefox. I have had this dialog box load up when ever using Yahoo mail. Obviously a javascript ad problem. Why does that tend to happen? The browser uses plenty of memory and processing power. Some sort of clash where the ad can't function or the code won't go through the usual process due to memory scarcity?
  11. On the video site youtube there is a tutorial on how to create a clone space invaders, so I suppose that would be a start. A rocket ship which would also be a shooter.
  12. Hi, Does anyone here know how to create basic shooter games using Javascript? Like 2D stuff, I believe that is only possible. Anything 3D would be python, an actual computer language.
  13. Thanks for the response, I just recognised one online user from when I was briefly here about ten years ago. You joined as I more or less stopped posting on this forum. That new markup sounds much better than the older code tags.
  14. Hi, I haven't touched on a the Hyper mark up langauge in almost ten years. I had created this account when I was a college student, I had hoped to possibly be employed in the website design industry. But that didn't happen. 'html' is a dated as an acroym. I might request a name change to something more relevant. Today as a computer user not finanicial related, I'm runnng a 32bit XP system, so I'm more towards Blender 3D and may be a little of Python Programming, I hope to try and give ago at. So what did this 5 bring in compared to 4.01? as I had first learnt back in 2004. I only just noticed the change in the firefox browser from source code to inspect element. Any temporary basic web page needs, I have just used Publisher in Microsoft office 2007. Thanks.
  15. I always had thought so.