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Found 1 result

  1. Using <ref> to point to footnote content

    Hello All! My question concerns itself with finding a method for encoding content for footnotes that does not encode the content "inline." That is, I would like to tag a word or group of words to be annotated with a <ref> tag that points to the footnote content that has been encoded elsewhere in the xml document. The motivation for this is to create XHTML that allows the user to view the footnotes simply by hovering over the annotated words with their cursor. How should I best encode my content to make this possible? I believe the <ref> tag to be necessary because it allows me to reference the word or words in their entirety rather than simply referencing a point in the xml doc like ptr or anchor would do. I've attempted to recreate TEI documentation like: annotated text <ref target="#a51" type="noteAnchor">⁵¹</ref> <!-- ... --> <note xml:id="a51" type="footnote">text of annotation</note> However, when I encode the <note> value after the last line group of the text, a lone superscript appears in the XHTML output where the <note> tag appears in the XML doc... maybe this is an XSL issue? Should I encode the <note> values in the <back> section? Advice? Suggestions? Thank you! XML Newbie