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Found 67 results

  1. HTML tables and forms - W3CSS

    Hello. Is this the right place to Discuss W3CSS ? Or is that a separate forum ? I am not sure if this is a question, or suggestion - or both. https://www.w3schools.com/w3css/w3css_input.asp I have reviewed the INPUT and the TABLE information in the W3CSS pages, and can not locate the information I am after. I am wondering about the correct technique of using tables and forms in ONE. Ive two scenarios in mind. ONE: You display a table and EACH row contains its own FORM. it contains, text, an input field, and in the 3rd column, its own submit button. each form sends minimal data to get processed. TWO: you have an HTML form, and a table. There is ONE Form, with ONE submit button, but it has multiple table rows, containing text, input fields etc.. Is there an existing tutorial on this ? If not, can one be added to the W3CSS website (and a hyper link to/from the INPUT and TABLE pages).
  2. Table Cell Content not Lining up

    I am making a site using a table with no borders to organize information on the page to display like a list. I was having issues with td pushing the adjacent td over where as I feel they should line up as left alignment. So I copied just the table information and the padding to another page just to simplify the HTML and locate the issue. Even with the code below, the alignment is still off. Even if I remove the padding the alignment is off. I have also tired changing the width of the table, no help. The only thing that seems to work is shortening the td content. Can anyone help me fix this? <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <style> .table { padding:150px; } </style> <body> <div class="table"> <table style="width:100%"> <tr> <th>Job</th> <th>Food</th> </tr> <tr> <td><p>Technology Teacher</p></td> <td><p>Lamb Karahi</p></td> </tr> <tr> <td><p>Previously a Manager</p></td> <td><p>Pho Thai</p></td> </tr> </table> <table style="width:100%"> <tr> <th>Movies</th> <th>Shows</th> </tr> <tr> <td><p>Count of Monte Cristo</p></td> <td><p>Chopped</p></td> </tr> <td><p>Good Will Hunting</p></td> <td><p>West World</p></td> </table> </div> </div> </body> </html>

    Hi, just wondering if anyone can help me, im trying to display my table above the statisics of the users input, but all it seems to do is split the table. Not sure what im doing if anyone can give me some insight that would be great, thank you. <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <body> <p>GPA CALCULATOR</p> </br> <p>Course Code - Grade Value</p> <p>Statistics</p> <script> //List of Course Code for Validation var coursecode =["ACC1101","ACC3118","ACC5202","ACC5213","ACC5216","ACC5502","ACC8000","ACC8003","ACC8105","AGR2302","AGR3303","AGR3304","AGR3305","AGR4305","ANT1001","ANT2005","ANT2008","ANT3006","BCA3000","BCA4000","BCA8003","BIO1101","BIO1103","BIO1104","BIO1203","BIO1810","BIO2106","BIO2107","BIO2108","BIO2118","BIO2119","BIO3101","BIO3102","BIO3107","CDS1000","CHE1110","CIS1000","CIS2000","CIS2002","CIS3001","CIS3002","CIS3003","CIS3008","CIS5100","CIS5200","CIS5302","CIS5308","CIS8000","CIS8004","CIS8008","CIS8009","CIS8100","CIS8501","CIV1500","CIV2605","CIV2701","CIV3505","CIV3506","CIV3906","CIV4508","CIV5705","CLI1110","CLI3301","CMS1000","CMS1010","CMS1100","CMS2017","CMS2019","CSC1401","CSC1402","CSC2402","CSC2408","CSC3400","CSC3403","CSC3407","CSC3412","CSC3420","CSC3600","CSC8004","CSC8407","CSC8416","CSC8419","CSC8422","CSC8500","CSC8503","CSC8507","CSC8512","CSC8600","CWR1001","CWR2001","DCA9000","DCA9001","DCA9500","DCA9501","EAP7307","EAP7308","ECO1000","EDC1100","EDC1400","EDC2100","EDC2400","EDC3100","EDC4000","EDE2101","EDE3103","EDG3000","EDG5000","EDH1150","EDH2151","EDH2152","EDH3155","EDM8004","EDP2111","EDP4130","EDP4140","EDP4200","EDR8000","EDR8060","EDR8061","EDS2401","EDS3450","EDS4250","EDS4401","EDX1170","EDX1250","EDX2190","EDX2260","EDX3270","EDX3280","ELE1301","ELE1502","ELE2303","ELE2601","ELE2702","ELE2912","ELE3105","ELE3305","ELE3803","ELE3804","ELE3807","ELE3914","ELE4605","ELE4607","ELE5001","ENG1002","ENG1003","ENG1004","ENG1100","ENG1901","ENG2002","ENG3003","ENG3111","ENG4903","ENG5001","ENG8001","ENG8101","ENG8104","ENG8208","ENG8411","ENG8412","ENL1000","ENL2007","ENL3000","ENM1500","ENM1600","ENM2600","ENS7605","ENV2103","ENV2201","ENV3104","ENV4204","FIN1101","FIN2106","FIN2302","FIN3106","FIN3109","FIN5003","FIN8201","FIN1000","FIN1002","FIN1003","FIN2004","FIN2005","FIN2006","FIN3002","GIS1402","GIS3407","HEA8201","HIS1000","HIS2001","HIS8004","HMT2000","ACC1101","ACC3118","ACC5202","ACC5213","ACC5216","ACC5502","ACC8000","ACC8003","ACC8105","AGR2302","AGR3303","AGR3304","AGR3305","AGR4305","ANT1001","ANT2005","ANT2008","ANT3006","BCA3000","BCA4000","BCA8003","BIO1101","BIO1103","BIO1104","BIO1203","BIO1810","BIO2106","BIO2107","BIO2108","BIO2118","BIO2119","BIO3101","BIO3102","BIO3107","CDS1000","CHE1110","CIS1000","CIS2000","CIS2002","CIS3001","CIS3002","CIS3003","CIS3008","CIS5100","CIS5200","CIS5302","CIS5308","CIS8000","CIS8004","CIS8008","CIS8009","CIS8100","CIS8501","CIV1500","CIV2605","CIV2701","CIV3505","CIV3506","CIV3906","CIV4508","CIV5705","CLI1110","CLI3301","CMS1000","CMS1010","CMS1100","CMS2017","CMS2019","CSC1401","CSC1402","CSC2402","CSC2408","CSC3400","CSC3403","CSC3407","CSC3412","CSC3420","CSC3600","CSC8004","CSC8407","CSC8416","CSC8419","CSC8422","CSC8500","CSC8503","CSC8507","CSC8512","CSC8600","CWR1001","CWR2001","DCA9000","DCA9001","DCA9500","DCA9501","EAP7307","EAP7308","ECO1000","EDC1100","EDC1400","EDC2100","EDC2400","EDC3100","EDC4000","EDE2101","EDE3103","EDG3000","EDG5000","EDH1150","EDH2151","EDH2152","EDH3155","EDM8004","EDP2111","EDP4130","EDP4140","EDP4200","EDR8000","EDR8060","EDR8061","EDS2401","EDS3450","EDS4250","EDS4401","EDX1170","EDX1250","EDX2190","EDX2260","EDX3270","EDX3280","ELE1301","ELE1502","ELE2303","ELE2601","ELE2702","ELE2912","ELE3105","ELE3305","ELE3803","ELE3804","ELE3807","ELE3914","ELE4605","ELE4607","ELE5001","ENG1002","ENG1003","ENG1004","ENG1100","ENG1901","ENG2002","ENG3003","ENG3111","ENG4903","ENG5001","ENG8001","ENG8101","ENG8104","ENG8208","ENG8411","ENG8412","ENL1000","ENL2007","ENL3000","ENM1500","ENM1600","ENM2600","ENS7605","ENV2103","ENV2201","ENV3104","ENV4204","FIN1101","FIN2106","FIN2302","FIN3106","FIN3109","FIN5003","FIN8201","FIN1000","FIN1002","FIN1003","FIN2004","FIN2005","FIN2006","FIN3002","GIS1402","GIS3407","HEA8201","HIS1000","HIS2001","HIS8004","HMT2000","HMT4005","INR1000","INR2000","INR3000","INR8010","ISE1000","ISE1001","ISE2001","ISE2002","ISE3000","JRN1010","JRN2000","JRN2001","JRN3003","LAC1001","LAC2001","LAW1101","LAW1111","LAW1112","LAW1113","LAW1114","LAW2211","LAW2212","LAW2213","LAW3130","LAW3311","LAW3312","LAW3467","LAW3469","LAW3471","LAW3473","LAW5230","LAW8001","LAW8715","MAT1000","MAT1101","MAT1102","MAT2409","MAT3201","MAT8180","MBA8000","MEC1201","MEC2101","MEC2202","MEC2402","MEC2405","MEC2901","MEC2902","MEC3102","MEC3203","MEC3302","MEC4103","MGT1000","MGT1001","MGT2001","MGT2204","MGT3001","MGT3005","MGT5000","MGT8002","MKT1001","MKT1002","MKT2013","MKT2015","MSC8001","MSC8002","MUI1001","MUI1007","MUI1008","MUI2002","MUI2003","MUI2006","MUI2020","MUI3005","MUI3010","MUI4002","NSC2500","NUR1100","NUR1102","NUR2100","NUR2200","NUR2300","NUR2499","NUR2800","NUR3010","POL1000","POL2000","PRL1002","PRL2002","PRL2003","PSY1010","PSY1020","PSY2010","PSY2020","PSY2100","PSY3010","PSY3030","PSY3060","REN1201","REN2200","RSH8000","RSH8001","SCI1001","SCI4405","SES1299","SES2101","SES2102","SES2103","SES2104","SES3101","SES3102","SES3204","SES8003","SES8005","SES8008","SES8299","SOC1000","SPE3005","SPE3009","STA2300","STA2301","STA3300","STA8005","SVY1102","SVY1901","SVY2105","SVY2106","SVY2301","SVY2302","SVY2902","SVY3202","SVY4309","THE1001","THE1021","THE1022","THE2003","THE2006","THE2009","THE2011","THE3011","URP1001","URP2001","URP4002","VSA1002","VSA1004","VSA2000","VSA2002","VSA2004","VSA3004","VSA3021","HMT4005","INR1000","INR2000","INR3000","INR8010","ISE1000","ISE1001","ISE2001","ISE2002","ISE3000","JRN1010","JRN2000","JRN2001","JRN3003","LAC1001","LAC2001","LAW1101","LAW1111","LAW1112","LAW1113","LAW1114","LAW2211","LAW2212","LAW2213","LAW3130","LAW3311","LAW3312","LAW3467","LAW3469","LAW3471","LAW3473","LAW5230","LAW8001","LAW8715","MAT1000","MAT1101","MAT1102","MAT2409","MAT3201","MAT8180","MBA8000","MEC1201","MEC2101","MEC2202","MEC2402","MEC2405","MEC2901","MEC2902","MEC3102","MEC3203","MEC3302","MEC4103","MGT1000","MGT1001","MGT2001","MGT2204","MGT3001","MGT3005","MGT5000","MGT8002","MKT1001","MKT1002","MKT2013","MKT2015","MSC8001","MSC8002","MUI1001","MUI1007","MUI1008","MUI2002","MUI2003","MUI2006","MUI2020","MUI3005","MUI3010","MUI4002","NSC2500","NUR1100","NUR1102","NUR2100","NUR2200","NUR2300","NUR2499","NUR2800","NUR3010","POL1000","POL2000","PRL1002","PRL2002","PRL2003","PSY1010","PSY1020","PSY2010","PSY2020","PSY2100","PSY3010","PSY3030","PSY3060","REN1201","REN2200","RSH8000","RSH8001","SCI1001","SCI4405","SES1299","SES2101","SES2102","SES2103","SES2104","SES3101","SES3102","SES3204","SES8003","SES8005","SES8008","SES8299","SOC1000","SPE3005","SPE3009","STA2300","STA2301","STA3300","STA8005","SVY1102","SVY1901","SVY2105","SVY2106","SVY2301","SVY2302","SVY2902","SVY3202","SVY4309","THE1001","THE1021","THE1022","THE2003","THE2006","THE2009","THE2011","THE3011","URP1001","URP2001","URP4002","VSA1002","VSA1004","VSA2000","VSA2002","VSA2004","VSA3004","VSA3021"]; // Course Code and Grade Value Arrays var courseCodeArray = []; var gradeValueArray = []; // Prompt for User to Enter Their Courses Codes which is then Looped Until a Valid Respond // is Entered var input_coursecode = prompt("Please Enter Your Course Code?", ""); var a = coursecode.indexOf(input_coursecode); while(a == -1) { alert("The Code you Entered is not a Valid Course Code, Please Try Again"); var input_coursecode = prompt("Please Enter Your Course Code?", ""); var a = coursecode.indexOf(input_coursecode); } courseCodeArray.push(input_coursecode); // Prompt for User to Enter Their Grade Value which is then Looped Until a Valid Respond // is Entered var input_gradeValue = parseInt(prompt("Please Enter Your Grade for this Course?", "")); while(input_gradeValue > 7 || input_gradeValue < 1) { alert("The Grade you Entered is Not Valid, Please Try Again!"); var input_gradeValue = parseInt(prompt("Please Enter Your Grade for this Course?", "")); } gradeValueArray.push(input_gradeValue); var askUser = confirm("Would You Like to add Another Course?"); while(askUser == true) { var input_coursecode = prompt("Please Enter Your Course Code?", ""); var a = coursecode.indexOf(input_coursecode); while(a == -1) { alert("The Code you Entered is not a Valid Course Code, Please Try Again"); var input_coursecode = prompt("Please Enter Your Course Code?", ""); var a = coursecode.indexOf(input_coursecode); } courseCodeArray.push(input_coursecode); var input_gradeValue = parseInt(prompt("Please Enter Your Grade for this Course?", "")); while(input_gradeValue > 7 || input_gradeValue < 1) { alert("The Grade you Entered is Not Valid, Please Try Again!"); var input_gradeValue = parseInt(prompt("Please Enter Your Grade for this Course?", "")); } gradeValueArray.push(input_gradeValue); var askUser = confirm("Would You Like to add Another Course?"); } // Table Listing Course Codes Enters and Grades for (var i = 0; i < courseCodeArray.length; i++) { document.writeln('<table border="1">'); document.writeln('<tr>'); document.writeln('<td>'+courseCodeArray+'</td>'); document.writeln('<td>'+gradeValueArray+'</td>'); document.writeln('</tr>'); } // Number of Courses the User has Completed: var lengthofCourseCode = courseCodeArray.length; document.write("Number of courses completed: " + lengthofCourseCode + "</br>"); //Highest Grade Value document.write("Highest Grade Value: " + Math.max.apply(null,gradeValueArray) + "</br>"); //Lowest Grade Value document.write("Lowest Grade Value: " + Math.min.apply(null,gradeValueArray) + "</br>"); //GPA CALCULATOR //GPA Score var sumofGradeValue = 0; for(var i=0, n=gradeValueArray.length; i < n; i++) { sumofGradeValue += gradeValueArray; } var actualGPA = sumofGradeValue/lengthofCourseCode; document.write("GPA : " + actualGPA + "</br>"); </script> </body> </html>
  4. updating column with increment in mysql

    In phpmyadmin I did the following query and had it output in php like this: $sql = "UPDATE `table` SET count = count + 1 WHERE unique_nr = 5175781"; this all worked well. though when I tried to implement it in my script I had an error: script: <?php // code to establish dbase connection: var_dump($unique_nr); // $stmt = $conn->prepare('UPDATE table SET count = ? WHERE unique_nr = ? '); $stmt = $conn->prepare('UPDATE table SET count = count + 1 WHERE unique_nr = ? '); $stmt->bind_param("is", $count, $unique_nr); $stmt->execute(); ?> resulting in an error message. I also tried this way of writing for bind_param: $stmt->bind_param("s", $unique_nr); but that didnt update the column, though there wasnt an error message anymore
  5. Hello, I have the following tables: CustomerPersonalDetails ID, Name, Surname, etc. CustomerAccountDetails ID, UserName, Password, ApplicationDate, RegistrationDate with single and original data, and CustomerEconomicOverview ID, + Fields with Calculated Data ​Custo​merBehaviourOverview ID, + Fields with Calculated Data with single and calculated data. They all are connected with 1:1 relation. I would like to ask what the suggestable practice is; to keep the data grouped and separated like above or to put them all in one table. Also, my intention is to encrypt all original data. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello, I have Events and Tickets​ tables. In Tickets table I have at least the following fields: EventsID CustomersID​ TicketNo ... The number of tickets for an event varies between 500-20,000. That means the number of records after 100 events may be 50,000-2,000,000. I wonder if it is better for each event to have a different table, which means I have 100 tables with 500-20,000 records in each. Which design is better for selecting/querying customers records? Thanks in advance.
  7. Index vs Key

    Dear all, I am trying to dig into the exact difference between key and index in MySQL tables. Some say they are synonymous, others give some differences. I still don't feel confident enough to decide when to use each on a table. I would appreciate if someone well-versed in their difference explain such difference and when to use each. Thanks.
  8. Hi, im a little bit struggling here. What I am trying to do is read the content from a Table by reading the number of rows and cells,(later on only selected rows by checkbox) then display the data in a ´generated Table (where i have to add cells with inputfields) So now my question is: How do i have to write the code so the first row will be created with <th> instead of <td> ? How to add input fields to the cells ? (actually they all could be input fields, just filled out with the data from the table i read from and blank fields for the added or so on.) function generate_table() { // get the reference for the body var body = document.getElementsByTagName("body")[0]; var x = document.getElementById("TableB").rows.length; var y = document.getElementById("TableB").rows[0].childElementCount; var z = document.getElementById("TableB").rows[1].cells[3].innerText; alert("x="+x +" y="+y+" z="+z); // creates a <table> element and a <tbody> element var tbl = document.createElement("table"); var tblBody = document.createElement("tbody"); // creating all cells for (var i = 0; i < x; i++) { // creates a table row var row = document.createElement("tr"); alert("ROW"+row); for (var j = 0; j < y; j++) { // Create a <td> element and a text node, make the text // node the contents of the <td>, and put the <td> at // the end of the table row var cellText = document.createTextNode("cell in row "+i+", column "+j); if (row.tabIndex[0]){ var cell = document.createElement("th"); cell.appendChild(cellText); row.appendChild(cell); } else{ cell = document.createElement("td");} cell.appendChild(cellText); row.appendChild(cell); } // add the row to the end of the table body tblBody.appendChild(row); } // put the <tbody> in the <table> tbl.appendChild(tblBody); // appends <table> into <body> body.appendChild(tbl); // sets the border attribute of tbl to 2; tbl.setAttribute("border", "2"); tbl.setAttribute("class", "tableTest"); }
  9. Desperately needed: a way to retrieve all records from a database table while using prepared statements. The script now works but only for 1 record. <?php $_POST['id']= '2'; // set connection variables // Create connection $conn = new mysqli($servername, $username, $password, $dbname); // Check connection if ($conn->connect_error) { die("Connection failed: " . $conn->connect_error); } $stmt = $conn->prepare("SELECT * FROM table WHERE id LIKE ? ;"); if ( !$stmt ) { yourErrorHandler($conn->error); // or $mysqli->error_list } else if ( !$stmt->bind_param('i', $id ) ) { yourErrorHandler($stmt->error); // or $stmt->error_list } else if ( !$stmt->execute() ) { yourErrorHandler($stmt->error); // or $stmt->error_list } else { $result = $stmt->get_result(); while ($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result)) { var_dump($row); $data[]=$row; var_dump($id); var_dump($data); $array= implode("|" , $row) ; var_dump($array); foreach( $data as $row ) { $id = $row['id']; $name = $row['name']; var_dump($id); var_dump($name); } } } ?> I hope someone can give a query that executes what is desired, but maybe there is also a possibilty to put the query in a loop? Please help.
  10. Email html

    Hi Guys, I have a slight problem with some of my code. I have a series of tables running down a page with each table containing different data. All looks fine when I look at it as a HTML page but when I use it as an Email 2/3 elements move for some reason, is there a way I can make sure these elements won't move? The code is in the backend of a program I use and gets called as Emails are generated for different subjects. Thanks in advance, Craig.
  11. I have a table which is either empty or has 1 record If the table is empty i cant retrieve info from the database and get an error message. my code: $sql = "SELECT id FROM users WHERE id = (SELECT MAX(id)FROM users)"; $result = $conn->query($sql); foreach ( $conn->query($sql) as $row ) { $id = $row['id']; the for each line gives an error message: how to solve this?
  12. cant move column position PHPMYADMIN

    In PHPmyadmin I can't move the position of the columns. So when I go to change/modify (not sure how it's called in English) I get the possibility to move column and the place it after another column then where its placed now. Though, it does print the query it goes like ALTER TABLE `my_tab` CHANGE `col1` `col1` TINYINT(1) NULL DEFAULT NULL AFTER `col5`; I have not tested in the mysql console, but in PHP the columns don't move (anymore) like they did do beforehand.
  13. CSS: Table in the center of the page

    Hello, i am currently using this to make my table appear in the center.<table align="center">...When i look, it works, but the validator suggests to use CSS. I have tried some things like:<table style="align:center"><table style="text-align:center">But none of them seem to work. What am i doing wrong?Thanks in advance! =D
  14. So my goal is now to have a table list read from the database. The content of the table is supposed to be put in an <SELECT> <OPTION VALUE> form for a dropdown menu having the user select only 1 value. $conn = new mysqli($servername, $username, $password, $dbname); if ($conn->connect_error) { die("Connection failed: " . $conn->connect_error); } $sql = "SHOW TABLES"; if (!$result = $conn->query($sql)){ die('There was an error running the query[' .$conn->error. ']'); } foreach($row = $result->fetch_assoc()){ echo "<center>"; $reeks = implode(" " , $row); // echo $reeks; // echo "<br>"; echo "</center>"; ?> <center> <form name = "inpform" method="post" action="Add-succ7.php"> <SELECT > <option value = "<?php echo $reeks; ?>" > </option> </SELECT> </center> <?php } mysqli_close($conn); ?> Do I have to do this with foreach or while? (or something else?) In the checkbox version I use while but when doing that I get a list of 8 checkboxes without any value. I see the dropdown menu is placed in the loop of while so another condition (like foreach) seems to be the first thing to think about. But what kinda solutions would you have for the script above?
  15. which query should be used when you have this INSERT INTO `$variable` (col1, col2) VALUES ..... The question is regarding $variable. is it " ", ' ' ,` ` . ?
  16. i found this script online: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8022353/how-to-populate-html-dropdown-list-with-values-from-database <?php $conn = new mysqli('localhost', 'username', 'password', 'database') or die ('Cannot connect to db'); $result = $conn->query("select id, name from table"); echo "<html>"; echo "<body>"; echo "<select name='id'>"; while ($row = $result->fetch_assoc()) { unset($id, $name); $id = $row['id']; $name = $row['name']; echo '<option value="'.$id.'">'.$name.'</option>'; } echo "</select>"; echo "</body>"; echo "</html>"; ?> But what I want is to get the table names from the database. Does anyone know how?
  17. Unknown column 'col' in 'field list' Is the error message, i tried all kinds of backticks, and quotes but doesnt work So I was thinking, how can I check (in phpmyadmin or in the mysql console) whether a table has the columns that are needed?
  18. $sql = "CREATE TABLE '$variabele' ";

    I have a script and a MYSQL query its supossed to create a new table $variable now I have $sql = "CREATE TABLE '$variabele' "; But it doesnt work. I think CREATE TABLE works for constants not for variables. Which query should I use?
  19. show innerHTML content as a table

    Hello! I have a map in my website and when I click on it, if there is a feature, it shows its information. This information is written by an innerHTML and currently it looks like that: if (feature) { var objeto = feature.getProperties(), propiedades; var propiedades; content.innerHTML = ""; for (propiedades in objeto){ content.innerHTML += propiedades + ':' + objeto[propiedades] + "<br />"; } return container.style.display = 'block'; } else { return container.style.display = 'none'; } So the info is shown ok but a little untidy. So I would like to show this info with a table. propiedades contains the name of the data and objeto[propiedades] their values. Could anybody tell me how to do it or give me an example please? Thank you in advance!
  20. server database

    Suppose I have a table in mysql server database and I want to add a row that fits these piece of information username = john password = silverlight is it true if I do it like this : INSERT INTO table (username , password) values ('john' , 'silverlight'); ?? this is the first question the second question is : are these two the same ??? INSERT INTO table (username , password) values ('john' , 'silverlight'); // without single quotes INSERT INTO table ('username' , 'password') values ('john' , 'silverlight'); // with single quotes if not what is the difference ?
  21. I'm having a thing I cant figure out in CSS I defined a class to make a table. The idea is that the table will be filled with text and its added frequently. The bottom border of the table should add a new line and augment. I tried several things, I also tried overflow-x auto, but I dont want a scrollbar. Is there a way to get rid of that scrollbar. Im using CSS3 It would be great if someone has a solution.
  22. Change <table> into <div>

    Hello..Can someone please teach me how to change the <table> tag into <div> tag without changing the table style..I heard that <div> tag is more friendly than <table>.. Please give me an example.. Thank you..
  23. floating text issue

    Hi, I am building my first web site & very new to html code etc.... One problem I can't seem to solve is that in my site I have two tables next to each other. One floating right & one floating left. They are different heights & will fluctuate in content over time as they contain variable information. Under the two tables I have a <p> footer with some text in it. I can sometimes get the text in my web editor (web expressions 4) to span the page & sit under both tables, but this never works in all browsers when I preview it. Some let the text float up under the shorter table & some span the text at a random point? What is the best code to allow text to always span the page & not float up, but at the same time be responsive to the changes in the tables heights? Have tried divs, breaks & lines but without success in chrome/IE/firefox (using eric meyers css/reset as well to null any variables). Thanks. PS: w3sch is an excellent resource.....
  24. Hello, I have been researching a question I have but cant seem to find an answer for my situation. I have a simple html form that in a couple of fields may require user to write a longer then usual response on the trouble she is experiencing. What I would like is for that table cell to abbreviate the text and I have a link (called More) to the full page for that indivual row which can display the whole trouble report. Right now the whole text appears in the table cell and distorts the display. Is there a way to do this. Thanks. Here is the code for the table. It is the row with 'Problem' variable I would like to abbreviate. <table class="table table-striped table-bordered table-hover" cellpadding="10" cellmargin="5" border="3"> <tr> <th id="table_header">First Name</th> <th id="table_header">Last Name</th> <th id="table_header">Reach #</th> <th id="table_header">Room Number</th> <th id="table_header">Type of Trouble</th> <th id="table_header">Room Availability</th> <th id="table_header">Trouble Report</th> <th id="table_header">Ticket Status</th> <th id="table_header">Assignment</th> <th id="table_header">TT Number</th> <th id="table_header"></th> </tr> <?php foreach($model as $row) { echo "<tr class='success'>"; echo '<td>'. $row['FName'] .'</td>'; echo '<td>'. $row['LName'] .'</td>'; echo '<td>'. $row['Rch_Num'] .'</td>'; echo '<td>'. $row['Rm_Number'] .'</td>'; echo '<td>'. $row['Prob_Cat'] .'</td>'; echo '<td>'. $row['Rm_Avail'] .'</td>'; echo '<td>'. $row['Problem'] .'</td>'; echo '<td><i>'. $row['Tkt_Status'] . '</i></td>'; echo '<td>'. $row['Assgnd_Tech'] .'</td>'; echo '<td>' . $row['TT_Num'] . '</td>'; echo "<td class='info'><a class=one href='tt_record.php?id=" . $row['id'] . "'>More...</a></td>"; echo "</tr>"; }?></table>
  25. I wonder if anyone here can help me... I am having troubles with the table code. It is messing with other elements on my page. Does anyone know how I can fix it so that it only adds a border to the sections I want to have borders and not to everywhere on the page? Every time I add html code bits to my page to create these: It makes the Header look like this: When it is supposed to look like this: *I use weebly as my website building platform, so the elements in the first picture above was created with the custom element tool. Each product block is a single cell table, and this is the code I am using for each product block (apart from a few URLs and Text, etc... each one is the same): <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <style> table, th, td { border: 2px solid #DCDCDC; padding: 1px; } table { border-spacing: 1px; } th, td { padding: 5px; } a { text-decoration: none; } p.small { line-height: 60%; } </style> </head> <body> <table style="width:100%"> <tr> <td><div align="center"> <a href="http://www.rebeckahstreasures.com/happily-ever-after-crochet-pattern-for-fashion-dolls.html"><img src="http://www.weebly.com/uploads/1/4/3/9/14399682/1012548_orig.jpg" alt=”Happily Ever After Fashion Doll Crochet Pattern PDF $10.00 by Rebeckah’s Treasures - You can be a designer too when you mix and match necklines & silhouettes! Grab your copy today here: http://goo.gl/5bXO46 #crochet #pattern #barbie #toys” border="0" width="100%" style="margin:3px 0px"/><h4 style="margin:0px 0px">"Happily Ever After"</h4><h5 style="margin:0px 0px">Crochet Pattern</h5></a> <p class="small" style="margin:0px 0px"><em> $10.00 USD</em></p> <a href="#" onclick="R.cart.add(36645, 220124); return false;"><img src="http://www.weebly.com/uploads/1/4/3/9/14399682/_8947683_orig.png" border="0" width="120"style="margin:0px 0px"/></a></div></td> </tr> </table> </body> </html> Thanks in advance!