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Ok so I found out that it is easier to learn from ​video tutorials!. And I tried to figure out how can I fit whole website in a video. But the answer is 1interactive video tutorials!

Imagine that you have a video and at the beginning you can select what do you want to learn, and select what chapter do you want to start in!

For the memory check there can be quizzes in the middle of chapters for example when a code is being typed a quiz pops up that asks us what should I write next to make something happen! I heard that 3/4 people understands better when something is explained in a video.

This could heavily increase the use of w3schools tutorials because you can save that video where ever you want! You can watch it in phone, computer and you do not need internet access! 2This might be a hard work but it will be a hard hit with a loud boom!


1. Interactive video is a video that you can interact with! For example in a video you see a lot of buttons and you can click on them to do something!

2. What it means is that the more work you put the better results will be!


​Hope you like this idea! :good:


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A lot of online content doesn't fit well in video format, because videos play from start to end. There aren't any automatic pauses to have the user do some interaction before the video continues, you just press play and it runs until it's finished. A quiz wouldn't work well as a video, because it's just going to go through each question in a specific amount of time. If you're talking about automatic pausing and things like that then it's no longer really a video, it's an online course like people used to use Flash to build but more modern online courseware is done with HTML 5 and related technologies to allow cross-platform consistency. Many mobile devices don't support Flash, so HTML 5 became the standard for creating online courseware once the video and audio elements matured and we could reliably add that kind of content to the courseware that needed it.


Anyway, it sounds like you're describing online courseware in general instead of only videos. Videos are just one part of an online course.

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