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Hello folks, I am hoping to get some guidance with this odd issue. My CSS page only loads after I get to a page and refresh it!. Here is what I mean


Page1.php - A small form the user completes and on submit, it takes them to page2.php


page2.php - Tells the user if they made the correct choice and gives them a link to page3.php


on page3.php - The things I specified in my myStyles.css page only works after I reload page3.php and it also asks me "Are you sure you want to submit this form again?". There are no forms in page 2 or 3 nor are there any variables moved except from page 1 to page 2. I am utterly confused as to what would cause this! I just want page3.php to show up normally like any other page.

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Apparently this message appears because of a setting in you browser mac ipad etc (safari) when you transfer from non-secure to secure or visa versa. page. Unless we get actual code or link, it is the best we can offer.

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