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Text Line I Can't Identify

10 February 2017 - 07:11 AM

Hi there,


Okay so this will sound incredibly confusing, but lets give it a try.


I made an email signature a while back for a customer, it functioned correctly. However I wanted to optimize and improve it for better appearances on mobile. I rewrote it, brought it into Apple Mail, and everything seems to break it. Adding text, attachments, replying, etc. I couldn't figure out why my new signature was not functioning like the old. Then I noticed this on the old signature:



The purple is a highlight of some sort of text line... But I can't figure out where it is coming from in the code.


On I went, rewriting the email signature line by line to re create this text line... I couldn't do it. I absolutely can't figure out where this is coming from, but I am convinced this line is why the old signature works and the new one does not. It is providing some sort of separation to the email signature that prevents other elements from causing it to break. I have tried simulating it, recreating it, no luck...


Ill attach the code, but if someone can find out what this is you will keep me from going insane.


(Note I thought it was the margins too, however in the rewrite it does not create this text line)



Thank you for all your help. If I spend another 6h on this like I have been I am going to go nuts...

Padding not scaling correctly

15 January 2017 - 06:29 AM

Hey there,


So I am playing around with different ways to display a logo and using padding to move around text. Everything looks great, except when I try and scale down the page (zoom out). At about 80% in either Safari or Chrome the padding seem to not scale down... I can scale up and keep everything correct...


Note I am using normalize.css and thats it.







Thanks for any ideas as to why this is happening and/or how to get around it!

Target Child of Parent with Pure CSS

10 May 2016 - 03:03 AM

Hey there,


Let me preface that apparently this is impossible, but maybe someone will have an alternative. Here is a small incomplete snippet of code, don't worry you really don't need it all.

<article id="services">
	<div class="imageSwitcher">
		<span class="imageSwitcherBox livingroom">
		<span class="imageSwitcherBox livingroom">
	<div class="background doors2">

Basically what I need to do is when I hover over the imageSwitcherBox it will change the background of the class background...


Now I can't take the imageSwitcherBox s out of the imageSwitcher because I need that for positioning... What can I do to achieve my goals?


If you need more code let me know...



@font-face help...

19 February 2016 - 12:54 AM

So I am playing around with font-face and everything works fine, I start a new project and literally copy and paste the same font css file, updating the font location for the new fonts. It loads the normal font, but none of the variations when called. See here:




What am I missing? If you need the main css file let me know...