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ASP Response.redirect

16 February 2017 - 06:07 PM

I have tried to add a search bar to my own website that will send the user to another page in my project, the value in the search box will send the user to the page.


Main.aspx: //The main page
<form id=search1 method=get action=search.aspx>
<input type=text name=search id=search placeholder="Search Here" />
<button type=submit name=search id=go>Search</button>
Search.aspx.cs: //The page that will deal with the search info
string sea = Request["search"];
As an example, there is a page called "2016" and writing it in the text box followed by submitting the form will send the user to the page 2016.aspx but the address bar says: localhost:8525//2016,.aspx
Why is there a comma there? Do i have to change something with my code?