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    Did you even consider/think of just commenting out the last line to see what would happen? OR did you think it would cause launching of nuclear weapons from silos, ending life on this planet as we know it!
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    AJAX is not the correct tool for this problem. Why do you insist on using it? I already gave a solution that does not require reloading the page, use Javascript. It does not need AJAX.
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    That is returning values by index number $row4[0], $row4[1] etc, your code asks for associated array index by textual name 'TeamName', 'Coach' etc which would use mysqli_fetch_assoc($result4) in while loop.
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    If you're working in a browser, the best approach is to add another <script> tag to your HTML document, everything declared globally in one Javascript file is accessible in all the other files that follow it. You seem to be working in Node.js. My experience with server-side Javascript is limited but there's a discussion about it here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4481058/load-and-execute-external-js-file-in-node-js-with-access-to-local-variables