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    To be responsive, you shouldn't us a fixed width using px, unless you use media queries to adjust width and html content structure as the device increases or decreases. You are using max-width: on wrapper div, which makes this element responsive up to a specific max-width. Most responsive sites use percentages widths for inner html structure within the fixed width container element, these also will use media queries to change from 3 to 2 to a 1 single column structure for mobile devices. Once this responsive page is working as it should, you can then think about adding all the other features like shopping cart images etc.
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    Obviously the left fixed margin length of 1200px will push it out beyond the boundary of browser window when its width starts getting below: 1200px, so you will have to try alternative to using this massive left margin. Again! image is useless in determining to html structure and styling used, its basically gone from a image to a video being supplied to a mechanic to fix a problem. Supply code html/css or a link to this page is a much better option than a image.
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    If you have a problem with your car, would you show the mechanics only a picture of the car or bring them the car so they can inspect it and identify the problem.
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    You look for a value that you previously set. If it's not there, set it. The actual value is arbitrary.
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    Gosh, I must be old.Anyone ever here of 'vi' ???Now-a-days I use 'vim' and 'cream'.Vim is a nicer more powerful version of vi. and Cream is the same thing with windoze type menus and a cleaner integration with windows.Jefkin