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    It looks like to me you're missing a `float: none;` for that section that you're referring to. The specific spot you're looking for is gc_template.css - Line 112 #middle { width: auto; width: -moz-auto; margin-left: 0px; float: none; /* Add this */ } From my end, this looks like it works. Feel free to let me know if it does not. This section, in particular, was escaping the page wrapper, making me think there was some alignment or flex going on. I was not incorrect.
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    I've just notice, when I gradually reduce the width of my browser before it reached a media queries breakpoint, scroll bars appear? that is not supposed to happen. It should smoothly move from one to the other with no scrollbars appearing, that usually means you have fixed width content, or containers which will remain greater than the next Media Query break point. It should on whatever width adjust accordingly to a responsive layout before that break point is reached, then it does not matter what specific device width it is.
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    Yes! you have it twice in media queries 1 floats left the other right, these need to cancelled when it becomes single column.