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    because there is no such thing as border: bottom; color, style and width is what you need to set, that is not recognised, so reverts to default.
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    Here you can be welcomed to the forum. Just introduce yourself, so we can get to know everyone better. This is not a place for questions, so keep that in mind. My name is Chocolate570 and I am a moderator of this forum. You can PM me any concerns RELATED to this forum. What about you? ~Chocolate570This has not been stickied for a reason. If I see alot of replies, then i'll sticky it. Otherwise, it'll just occupy more space in the pinned section.
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    If you have a Content Management System (CMS), you will have to find or create a plug-in for the CMS that does that. If you don't have a CMS and there's no system for dynamically creating pages on your site then the sitemap will have to be created manually. Without knowing more about your website's back end I can't give a clear answer.
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    You can add overflow to the w3-dropdown-content class and give it a max-height in order to cause the scrolling. On mobile devices, arranging the links into columns would likely get outside of the screen horizontally.
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    5 even column, make first and and last size s1 the rest s2, give w3-row a minus margin left and right the size of column s1 and maybe any margin widths on columns. The first and last will be spacer columns, the minus left and right margins will make the spacer column extend beyond w3-row boundary, causing the 5 column fill the total width of w3-row.
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    The best way to make the site staff aware of the problem is to click the "REPORT ERROR" button at the bottom of the page, since they almost never visit the forums.
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