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    I generally prefer to support the least common denominator to give the users of my website the best experience regardless of which browser they're using.
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    The controls are all different in size and icons depending on browser used. You can create customized controls using images, css, but this will require you recreate each custom button with JavaScript functions to reproduce same results the browser controls provide. google "html5 video custom controls css"
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    One of them runs in the browser and one of them runs on the server, so no. What you can do is create an ajax request in Javascript and send it to the server with whatever data you want to send to tell the server what to do, and the server sends the response back.
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    You need to explicitly list each comparison. UPDATE crypto SET crypto_openssl_recommendation = 1 WHERE "%ECB%" LIKE UPPER(crypto_descr) OR "%RC2%" LIKE UPPER(crypto_descr) OR "%RC4%" LIKE UPPER(crypto_descr)... If your character set is case-insensitive then you don't need to cast to uppercase.
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    You need more unions to select each level of children if you want to do it all in SQL. Obviously, you're limited to a maximum depth with that. There are other ways to design tables and store paths where you could easily select all descendants or ancestors of a particular node. https://www.slideshare.net/billkarwin/models-for-hierarchical-data You're using the first example he gives.
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    Hi🙋 Hi I'm here to learn and improve. I'm improving in HTML5, CSS3, and JS. Once I have those down, I plan to learn several others. See you on the forum!🖐
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    I wouldn't say that is true, as new features are introduced Firefox is usually pretty quick to implement them. Also if you have the superhuman power to force everyone to use Chrome, go for it! But! Wouldn't be better to use the option of using the grid-auto-row: and grid-template-row: in this order that will end up giving the same result in all browsers.
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    If your script is purely php you do not require closing php tag. The setcookie() must be set at top before any html or whitespace. Your code has a empty line-break and then includes another file with empty line-break before setcookie() function result in headers already exist error.
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    First! Always check your inputs server-side! Clients can send you whatever the heck they want! The required attributes are good enough for people who wish to use your website legitimately, but you have to be careful of those who don't. To get what you desire, you'll want to create an AJAX request. Its not my usual tactic to hand out code, but if you want it HTML: <FORM NAME="Betrugseingabe"> <INPUT TYPE="submit" NAME="Absenden" VALUE="Absenden" ID="Schaltflaeche1" ONCLICK="send_form();return false;"> JavaScript: function handle_response() { if(this.status == 200){ //Output Success or something? //Redirect? //Something happens if you don't error out } } function send_form() { var the_form = document.querySelector("form"); var formData = new FormData(the_form); var request = new XMLHttpRequest(); request.addEventListener("load", handle_response) request.open("POST", "../cgi-bin/DBinsert.php"); request.send(formData); } Disclaimer: Untested
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    Node.js has increased dramatically in popularity and is supported with a tutorial on W3Schools: https://www.w3schools.com/nodejs/default.asp It has a wide range of real world uses and can serve as the main server in lighter applications with low to medium traffic (depends on hardware, etc.) It is also used in real heavy applications in fact - but in that context not as the primary server. In heavy applications, it is very popular to use Node.js for "microservices". With microservices: Another server like Apache HTTPD, Tomcat or the newer Glassfish can serve as the primary server dealing with the heavy load. The microservice approach can among other things, take a variety of lighter sub-applications off the primary server - to be handled on other machines using Node.js. An easy way to get started is with JavaScript Servlets. http://hll.nu/achieve