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    I've just discovered I had made a syntax error when linking to the google fonts. On correcting it, the google fonts work perfectly on both PC as well as Android. https://jsfiddle.net/SSteven/83dkauht/2/
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    One of those gremlins has replaced '$' with '&' &(document).ready(function(){ You got to watch out for those little blighter's.
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    Hallo All! Im Ashton
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    This reminds me of whatever reason of this scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G67eMq1YwmI Like Occam tried to explain, often the simple answer is correct. If a function is not defined in your environment, and it was introduced in a certain version, and you assume you're using that version, then your assumption is probably wrong. It's not a question of other code doing something mysterious, it's just the wrong version. And, like you've learned, don't assume that something you see in one environment (a console shell) is the same as in another environment (a web server).
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    You can paste it to any try yourself editor panel, then click save menu button along top of panel. Then copy link provided.
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    The error message you showed earlier "Call to undefined function random_bytes()" is an indication that the code was not running on a server with PHP 7. Can you show me the file where those syntax errors are? They're not in the initial code you posted.
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    If that is the only output of your script then you can make the browser interpret it as an image by sending a content-type header: header('Content-type: image/png'); echo $image_content; If you try to print anything else, like HTML or even just spaces and line breaks, then the image will appear corrupted in the browser.
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    No, it's not equivalent, there are actually two objects there: One is the scheduler and the other is whatever thing the scheduler's php() method is returning. The above code is equivalent to this: $thing = $scheduler->php('script.php'); $thing->hourly(); I don't know what type of object $thing is, since I haven't read the documentation. The concept of chaining is not native to any language, it only happens if somebody designed the objects to work that way.
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    Thank you all, but especially Ingolme, for she answered my question in the most thorough manner possible. I am currently testing Peppe Occhi's CRON Scheduler routine and have yet to decide whether I will take Funce's suggestion to pass my results to a database or Dsonesuk's suggestion to write to an XML file. After all this time, I am still not comfortable with the data that I am able to extract from the Matomo data base via its reporting APIs, and more research is still ahead before I can decide how to fetch and store the data on a routine basis. At least now I know better what my options are and how to proceed with them once I have decided. Have a great weekend. Mine will be spent on the internet, as nearly always until I have launched. Roddy
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    To be certain, I would need to see documentation about the web service that you are making requests to. The first item is a serialized PHP data structure, you convert it back into data using the unserialize() function. I am willing to bet that the second item is XML, but since you have loaded it into a browser, the tags are being parsed and only the text content is being shown. If you want to actually see the XML tags in the browser, you either have to send a "text/xml" content type header or pass the data through htmlspecialchars(). While seeing the data is useful for debugging, ultimately, you don't really want to do that. What you should do with the XML response is create a DOMDocument for it so that you can retrieve the data contained within it.
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    So you thought us being so magnificent, we would magically know that! This is what i mean about giving only partial code! You being a copy and paste person, we naturally thought, you copied part but not all of the code from somewhere. GIVE ALL CODE RELEVANT to the problem, JAVASCRIPT and HTML.
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    Well it would help if it was correct valid code! Validate it here https://validator.w3.org/ then get back to us.