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    It would be easier to address this if you could show examples of your template and maybe the data.
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    Order is important! What order did you use it? remember styles in stylesheet will normally override styles in previous stylesheets.
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    No! it highlights error caused by missing '{' saying unexpected elseif, and suggest possible syntax error with preceding error '{'. which turns out to be correct, so working way down I found '}' embedded in comment.
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    its a comment should have // at beginning; This // assume all parts are same charset } // EMBEDDED MESSAGE the curly bracket at end is part of elseif condition should be // assume all parts are same charset } // EMBEDDED MESSAGE
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    $highmark is a string. Do not implode $highmarks.
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    Your code is kind of inconsistent. This looks problematic: if ($rows['marktheory'] != "") { $highmarkth = explode("#", $rows['marktheory'])[2]; $highmarkpr = 0; } if ($rows['markpractical'] != "") { $highmarkpr = explode("#", $rows['markpractical'])[2]; $highmarkth = 0; } $highmark = ($highmarkth + $highmarkpr); For example, you don't define those 2 variables outside of those if statements, so they will only be defined if either of those if statements match. Then, you set one of them to an array with explode, and the other variable to a number. Then you try to add an array and number. What do you think that's going to do, when you add an array and a number? In fact, what do you expect to happen when you use the + on an array at all? The data type of those variables isn't consistent, if it goes in the first if statement then $highmarkth will be an array, but if it goes in the second one then it will be a number. So after those 2 if statements either of those variables could be either an array or a number, or they could both be undefined. Then you try to add them. Also, if it goes in the second if statement then both variables get set, so that will overwrite anything you did in the first if statement. So if markpractical is not empty then those 2 variables get set right there regardless of what marktheory is set to. If both marktheory and markpractical are set then the values that were set in the first if block will get overwritten by the second block.
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    Where did that string come from? Information has been lost and is irrecoverable, you have to get the missing information from the original source that created the string.
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    Either one will work, its used to insert a text element to help vetically align the popup content box as it need something to align to, this also uses display: inline-block so it acts as text would with text-align and vertical-align, you can change to top/bottom whatever.
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    Simple Menu Text Links eye fish effect. Pure CSS, without JavaScript. <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Simple Menu</title> <style type="text/css"> body { font: normal normal 100% Helvetica, sans-serif; } li { font-size: 1em; transition: all 0.2s; } li:hover { font-size: 2em; } li:hover + li { font-size: 1.6em; } li:hover + li + li { font-size: 1.3em; } </style> </head> <body> <h1>Simple Menu</h1> <ul> <li><a href="#">Texto del Link primero ...</a></li> <li><a href="#">Texto del Link segundo ...</a></li> <li><a href="#">Texto del Link tercero ...</a></li> <li><a href="#">Texto del Link cuarto ...</a></li> <li><a href="#">Texto del Link quinto ...</a></li> <li><a href="#">Texto del Link sexto ...</a></li> <li><a href="#">Texto del Link séptimo ...</a></li> <li><a href="#">Texto del Link octavo ...</a></li> </ul> <p>Scriptshow <a href="#">Web</a> Experiments</p> </body> </html> Un Saludo.
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    Hey w3schools, I am a huge fan of python language and I am currently learning flask. In general there is also a huge community using python for web applications. Have you any plans to add Python (Flask or Django) to w3schools?