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    You can't use JavaScript for login purposes on its own, because (1) it is viewable by anyone, so they identify the userID AND password , (2) it requires JavaScript to be enabled. PHP should be used for login, it should always validate and sanitize login or for any data sent to php pages, or for example that would be inserted into a database. The code is not viewable, and done in background on the server with only the html or content being returned, not any details of userid and most importantly password details. JavaScript validation is used to make it easier for the user, so the user does not have to submit and reload the page for PHP to validate and return to identify a error made. JavaScript validation being client-side can identify an error and show warnings instantly. BUT! PHP validation as mention above is always required, in case JavaScript is disabled and JS validation bypassed.
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    <?php $stove=""; if(isset($_POST['stove'])){ $stove=$_POST['stove']; }