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    Thank you, Funce. Both of those were silly errors on my part. I have been a little overwhelmed with this entire task, and if this is all the errors that can be found, then I will be most elated. Already you have earned a trophy. Simply I have not added it yet out of fear that everyone will stop looking for more holes to poke. :-) Roddy
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    I was just thinking about this and had a question - specifically which parts of the book HAVE you read?
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    If you have an existing object that you're trying to set a property for, yes that's how you set it. I don't have a word for that, but it's a decrement operation. Not necessarily in this case though, because it's just a string of text. The string of text only has whatever meaning their code gives to it. Maybe that's given as a value to the built-in CSS animation properties though. Operators like +=, -=, *=, /= etc are all used. It's just shorthand. These are equivalent: x = x + 1 x += 1 Those kinds of operations are used so frequently that it was decided to make a shortcut operator for it, like was done for ++ or --.
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    You need to get out of the habit of copying and pasting which is what tutorials teach, and into the habit of understanding and thinking. Why did you use this query: $q = "SELECT user_id, first_name, last_name FROM users WHERE email='$e'" ; Why are you looking up a record based on the email field and not the user_id field? The user_id is what you have in the session, right? So, why aren't you using that? Why are you telling it to look up a user based on the email? And what is $e? Where is it defined? You're telling it to look up a user based on an email with a value that is not defined, why are you doing that? Stop copying and pasting, and start understanding and thinking. Programming is not copying and pasting. You need to look at code and understand how it works, and then think about how you need to change it to make it work for you.