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  1. Hi, Looking at this Pen: Animation I like to achieve that when the animation of the second element starts only after the animation of the first element is finished. When the animation of the second element is finished, the animation of the first element should start and so on (infinitive). I know that I used JavaScript in this (not working) example but I'm more than happy to have a working jQuery solution. Thanks
  2. Hi, I'm just learning the JavaScript touch event. For this I created this example: Example on Codepen In the above example, you can grab the element and move it to the right or left. It works. However I want to limit the horizontal movement of the element (for example only 100px to the left and 100px to the right). How can I do this? Thanks
  3. Hi, In the following script, each time you click the button it shows 4 more elements: Load 4 more elements I need to change the script so that when all elements are visible and you click again the button, all elements get hidden except of the first 4 elements. I tried for hours but couldn't find any solution. Could you please help me? Thanks
  4. Hi, I need to create a carousel (slider) which should like something like this: Which jQuery (or any other) carousel can I use for it? Thanks
  5. kayut

    JSON: Why does each property show twice!

    Thanks for your help. I found and fixed the issue now.
  6. Hi, looking at this example of Plunker: http://plnkr.co/edit/z0bnxjV2XkBZC0yJxL7Z?p=preview can some one please tell my why does each answer and each question coming from the JSON file show twice? Thanks
  7. kayut

    A tricky question about margin

    Hi, Consider a web page with two adjacent paragraphs: <p> first paragraph</p><p> second paragraph</p> With this CSS code applied to a web page: p { background-color: red; margin-top: 50px; margin-bottom: 50px;} What will be the distance between the two red rectangles displayed for the background color of these paragraphs? Answer: I thought it should be 100px but NO, the distance between two paragraphs would be only 50px. Can some one please explain WHY?? Tahnks
  8. kayut

    A tricky question about margin

    I just want to understand it. I mean if the first <p> element 50px margin-bottom and the second <p> element 50px margin-top has then the distance between two paragraphs should be 100px. Why is it still 50px ????
  9. kayut

    jQuery: include and exclude

    Hi guys,I have following task in front of me and I really don't know where should I start.In a HTML form I have two input boxes for urls:URL FilterInclude:Exclude:The task is as follow:Include google - will include all the domains with "google" in the url.Exclude "referer" - will exclude all the domains that contains "referer" in the url.Is there any jQuery solution for this?Many thanks
  10. kayut

    jQuery: include and exclude

    This is what I have to do: