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  1. My center column is supposed to be static text but it is showing up as hyperlink. How do I get it back to static text? The hyperlink color doesn't work with my background color. It's supposed to be black text. There is an external css for all formatting. #maincontent { position:relative; float:left;}.leftbar, .centerbar, .rightbar { padding:6px; float:left; min-height:900px; /* min-height to keep columns even and filled in with background-color */}.centerbar {background-color:#65a0a5; /* lt. teal of palette */ width:512px; /* width = 524px - 12px padding */} The html has no formatting: <div class="centerbar"> <p>Welcome to Stardancer Enterprises. Our navigation bar shows we do a lot of different types of work, apparently unrelated, but rest assured the total dedication to each endeavor is our passion.</p> <p>Please go directly to the page in which you need assistance or, if you have a little time, browse through all the sections and get an idea of what Stardancer Enterprises is all about. You will find that each division relates to the others in our ultimate dedication to living well, being well, caring for our world and planet, and serving our customers.</p>
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