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    Help understanding CSS in a one page html doc

    Thanks so much !!!
  2. e_a_g_l_e_p_i

    Help understanding CSS in a one page html doc

    Since I have been going through the tutorial on CSS I see that the CSS is between the <style> tags and in between the <head> and </head> tags is that where the CSS is supposed to go on a one-page HTML document??
  3. Hello, I have been dealing with html for several years but only on a limited basis, so I know how to get around but don't know the most updated code. I have decided to use W3schools to learn more and specifically CSS, I know what it does and I can learn about it on W3 but one thing I can't find anywhere is a one-page html document, is there a location where the CSS code needs to be placed within the html code? Or can it be anywhere in the html between the body tags? Sound like a very simple question but that lack of knowledge has kept me from learning it, any and all help is very much appreciated.
  4. I have been using W3Schools to learn as much as I can to be able to write proper code for website I work on. The one thing I have not been able to find is, how all the tags,elements and other coding fits together in the proper way. I see some things with a ";"and ":" at the end of a string of things within a string of code. Is there a basic way, I must have missed it when I read the basics over and over again. I am just trying to learn how things work with each other. Some code seems to have a " " " or a ":" or ": To only add more confusion to this mess I want to know are there rules as to what has to be first in the string of coding I.E. <body> <color:red:5: times; > The above is just something from the top of my head, there has to be a spot, one would think it would be before any coding. There has to be some commom rules on when a : is used and when a ; is used I know what I just typed makes no sense but with all this "fiscal cliff" BS going on today my mind is fried. Can someone pointment in the right direction to read the very basic and proper way to write code. Any help will be much appreciated, I know this is a bunch of "crap" but my hopes are to have someone to see it and direct me to the place I need to be to learn the correct way to write code, I want to learn how to write clean code. Happy New years Ron