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  1. Meta Description not showing up! Wordpress Website.

    I aggre and understand what you are saying, but my concern is that it has taken a long time to update i have never seen this happen before, i have made other site with no content like this one and "Description" shows up. Super weird. Im at the poing where i want to unistall and see what happens.
  2. Meta Description not showing up! Wordpress Website.

    so i should worry that is not showing up right now?
  3. So i have a problem dont know how to fix, i see the meta description on yoast but it has been over a week and has not changed have never seen this before. my description wont show. http://jswebdesign.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Screen-Shot-2014-08-14-at-10.34.47-AM.png http://jswebdesign.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Screen-Shot-2014-08-14-at-10.35.07-AM.png Does it have to be with the robot.txt? Any ideas will be great guys.
  4. Question reguarding links below sites description

    my sitelinks are fine i just waned to add links like the image i shared how can that be done, i see some sites have those links but not others. kind of confusing, thxs for sharing the link :-)
  5. Review my Website Echofreelance.com

    its great i really like it good job
  6. Official Show Off Your Site Thread

    hey guys what do you think of this site? http://new.ciggystick.com/ let me know
  7. Hello i will like to know how to add links below a sites description or what is it called let me know thxs.
  8. How can you block a wordpress from being downloaded?

    I created a robot.txt file User-agent: *Disallow: /files/Disallow: /wp-content/Disallow: /wp-icludes/Disallow: /trackback/Disallow: /wp-admin/Disallow: /wp-Disallow: /login/Disallow: /.js$Disallow: /.inc$Disallow: /.css$Disallow: /*.php$Disallow: /process/Disallow: /email/Disallow: /page/ That block some folders from being dowloaded thats what i waned to do.
  9. How can you block a wordpress from being downloaded?

    let me find one example, i can dowload some files but not all
  10. How to improve speed? on website

    i dint do the site. but will edit that pic
  11. How can you block a wordpress from being downloaded?

    why is there sites that cannot be downloaded?
  12. How to improve speed? on website

    how can i improve page speed on this site? theres lots of errors on this web site anyone has suggestions i have been testing the site.
  13. How can you block a wordpress from being downloaded? So what i want to do is disable to option for any one to download a wordpress site. I know some site are able to be downloaded. But others you cant download and if you download it only downloads certain folders. Does anyone have experience in doing this? If so is there a plugin?
  14. How to right align

    Yes I want to add a phone number top right corner I'm going to try later