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  1. m_hutchins

    Responsive Menu Breakpoints

    I was actually able to kind of figure it out. I literally just just every 992px to 1024px in all the files and it worked. I'm not exactly sure which file(s) where the winners, but at this point, everything appear to work properly. Thanks again!
  2. m_hutchins

    Responsive Menu Breakpoints

    Funce, I tried to edit those a couple of days ago and had no luck. I also changed all the break points at 992 to 1100 in the script.js file and the style.css file and also didn't have any luck. I'm completely baffled. THanks for taking the time to take a peak though!
  3. m_hutchins

    Responsive Menu Breakpoints

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. m_hutchins

    Responsive Menu Breakpoints

    Haha, I guess that makes things a little difficult. Sorry about that. Here's the site: http://airwavecommunication.oiw11.com/ Thanks!
  5. m_hutchins

    Responsive Menu Breakpoints

    Hello there, I'm trying to have the responsive/"hamburger" menu appear at a slightly larger display screen width (probably around 1024-ish) and not having very much luck. I've tried altering and making this happen with css, but again, no luck. I believe it's being controlled (or somewhat) by JS (and I could be wrong...). Seeing that I'm not much of a JS guy, I'm having some issues figuring this out. I see some breakpoints that I've tried to edit at around line 840 in the /js/scrip.js file...and I didn't have any luck there as well. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advanced! mh
  6. m_hutchins

    Trouble Sizing/Re-sizing Images in Owl Carousel

    That's what I was kind of figuring, I just can't seem to figure out how to adjust the calculation(s)...
  7. m_hutchins

    Trouble Sizing/Re-sizing Images in Owl Carousel

    Well the actual image sizes are 436 px (w)x 140 px (h). Any size image I put in to the carousel, they get resized to 220px wide. I see this style added in the inspector: <div class="owl-item cloned" style="width: 220px; margin-right: 20px;"> That inline style isn't hard coded on the page(s). I seem to almost always struggle controlling and altering the image sizes on these scrollers/carousels. Hope that helps.
  8. Hello, I seem to be having an issue getting the images in an Owl Carousel to size correctly. I think think the width of the images are being calculated in the JS, but I'm not 100%, JS is definitely not my strong suit. Maybe there's a way to override it with CSS, but I'm not having much luck. Here's a link to the site: https://www.eengineering.com/ (it's the slider right above the footer with the logo's) Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  9. Hello there, I've come across an issue where I'm pretty certain is derives from the JS. I have a site I'm working on and the issue is that the main navigation on laptops and desktops that have a touchscreen display is defaulting to the "mobile/touchscreen" menu/hamburger menu. On FF and Chrome the issue is apparent, for some reason it is displaying correctly on Edge. Here are some visuals of my findings: This what we see on my laptop (with touchscreen) in FF: A: https://www.screenmailer.com/v/5jMWcKasUpzC81k This is what it should look like (same laptop with touchscreen) in Edge: B: https://www.screenmailer.com/v/06hBfp7ZYMaprGE To show why I think this is a JS issue, this is what it looks like in FF on laptop (with touchscreen) AFTER I take out the initial fucnction name "ontouchstart" on line 102 in the core.min.js file: C: https://www.screenmailer.com/v/DcakXzx8EdXhprc (you can see the "desktop" nav/menu, it's a little jacked up, but it's there) I'm working on test files to not mess with any of the live site. Test site/files/page here: http://www.mcintoshcommdev.oiw9.com/index-testing.htm I've tried for WAY too long messing with and trying to alter media query's in the CSS, with no luck. Unfortunately, I'm sh*t with JS...still super newbie! Any and all help or nudge in the right direction would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks in advance, mh
  10. m_hutchins

    Needing to add spacing on all page anchor links

    I found this solution and it seems to do the trick as far as I can see: a[name] { padding-top: 110px; margin-top: -110px; display: block; }
  11. Hello, I'm in need to alter the "landing"/on click position of all the sites page anchor links (<a name="name-here">). I have a sticky menu that cover the titles of the section being linked to. I was initially trying to style the "a name" but I'm not sure it that's possible. So, if I were to have: <a name="page-title"></a> <h2>Title of Section Ect.</h2> <p>Information about this sections and da, da, da....</p> <a name="page-title2"></a> <h2>Another Title of Section Ect.</h2> <p>Some more Information about this sections and da, da, da....</p> I'm wondering if I can do something in CSS to cover all "name." I'm able to add spacing to the top/before using: a[name]:before { content:""; display:block; margin-top: 75px; } ...but then I'm just adding a fat gap before each section and it looks bad. I can't go through and add an id and/class to all these links, it's just not possible at this point. Hope this makes sense. Any help and/or suggestions are greatly welcome. Thanks in advance! m@
  12. Hello, I currently have a navigation that I'm not able to add a "working" link to the main button. I can add a link, but it won't go any where unless I take a class off the button, then when the site is viewed in mobile, the dropdown won't appear, it just goes straight to the main button's page. So, unless I add separate "whatever-page-index-page" to the dropdown (which looks super lame) you can't get to the sites section index/homepages from the main navigation. The site is located here: http://sierraelectronics.oiw10.com/industry-solutions/index.htm I'm trying to implement some code from a tutorial I found, example: http://sierraelectronics.oiw10.com/nav-testie-01.htm#nav (only works correctly on mobile device) (tutorial site: http://osvaldas.info/drop-down-navigation-responsive-and-touch-friendly) I have a feeling that there may need to be some Javascript tweaking or editing, but I'm not sure where to start on this one. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance, mh
  13. Hello there, I'm trying to add certain/specific images pages using JS. I'm trying to load the image to the page based on the url. The image is loading,but breaking the layout a bit. This is the code I'm trying/testing with now: var current = window.location.href; if ( current == "http://www.sjmradio.oiw9.com/industry-solutions/construction.htm" || current == "http://www.sjmradio.oiw9.com/industry-solutions/construction.htm/" ){ $('<img class=" class="fade-in" src="/images/headers/industry-construction.jpg').html("#page-header"); } I'm also using some code for other pages to load random images into the same id (of different pages of course) and it works fine. This is the code I'm using for that: //Add your images, we'll set the path in the next step var images = ['top-header-001.jpg', 'top-header-002.jpg', 'top-header-003.jpg', 'top-header-004.jpg', 'top-header-005.jpg', 'top-header-006.jpg', 'top-header-007.jpg', 'top-header-008.jpg', 'top-header-009.jpg', 'top-header-010.jpg', 'top-header-011.jpg', 'top-header-012.jpg','top-header-013.jpg','top-header-014.jpg','top-header-015.jpg','top-header-016.jpg','top-header-017.jpg','top-header-018.jpg','top-header-019.jpg', 'top-header-020.jpg']; //Build the img, then do a bit of maths to randomize load and append to a div. Add a touch off css to fade them badboys in all sexy like. $('<img class=" class="fade-in" src="/images/random-headers/' + images[Math.floor(Math.random() * images.length)] + '">').appendTo('#page-header'); Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance, mh
  14. Hello, I have a random background image running and loading the background image into a div with the id=page-header. I got the image itself to be responsive, but I also need its parent div's height to be responsive as well. Right now the image seems to size correctly, but once it gets smaller in height than the parent div, that div's bg color shows above and below. I've tried a few different things with the height, but am having no luck. the site is here: sjmradio.oiw9.com/about-us/customer-service.htm Here's the code that I currently have on the parent div: #page-header { position: relative; height: 360px; margin-bottom: 50px; background: no-repeat center center; color: #fff; background-color: #424242; background-size: 100%; } This is what I'm using for the JS for the random image: var imgCount = 4; var dir = '/images/random-headers-about/'; var randomCount = Math.round(Math.random() * (imgCount - 1)) + 1; var images = new Array images[1] = "about-top-header-001.jpg", images[2] = "about-top-header-002.jpg", images[3] = "about-top-header-003.jpg", images[4] = "about-top-header-004.jpg", document.getElementById("page-header").style.backgroundImage = "url(" + dir + images[randomCount] + ")"; Any and all suggestions are welcome! Thanks in advance, mh
  15. m_hutchins

    Main Menu Having Issues in Mobile/Responsive

    I'm really curious as to why it seems to work fine on an iPhone but not some of the other devices. Any thoughts?