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  1. I heard you have to use php and mysql to make one. But what i'm having trouble with is, is it like putting in html tags? or is it something you have to download? How come people say it'll take so long to make?
  2. Ooops! I didn't see that there, sorry. Next time I'll look closer, thank you!
  3. Ok, it's an html code that creates checkboxes with a submit button. If I were to make one, how would I make the submit button go to another page? As you can see the code doesn't show where you put in the url where the submit button takes you.
  4. Ok, Thank you! Are you sure their database and the database I have in mind are the same?
  5. That sounds great but can I use it even though I'm using a web host? Also is there anything else after that? I'm willing to go through some tutorials.
  6. For weeks now I've been asking people how to create a database and they all say try SQL. I've looked at various tutorials and scripts and so far, I'm confused. I wanted to make a database like TV.com has and when I look at the SQL stuff, I see name, address, phone. I'm not trying to make one for people but for movies. It's simple, you have the letters A to Z, whenever you click on one, let's say "B" it goes to a bunch of movies that start with the letter B, you get me? Here's the best part, let's say you click on "Big Trouble in Little China", it'll go to a page with info like, the year it came out, cast, crew, DVD features, and more. See what I mean? If you or a person you know, has such a database, can you please help me? This is gonna be a very important website for me and I can use all of the help I can get.
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