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  1. I have got some generous quick help form TE on SMFP Forum . It was a margin and width mistake and problem of mine. I gave the post area a width of 13em but the post-area had only 10em margin on this side and IE seems to have a different priority if thing violate each other.Thanks a lot anyway!
  2. The html looks like this: <div class="post_wrapper"> <div class="poster"> <h4></h4> <ul id="msg_3987_extra_info" class="reset smalltext"></ul> </div> <div class="postarea"> <div class="flow_hidden"> <div class="keyinfo"></div> <ul class="reset smalltext quickbuttons"></ul> </div> <div class="post"> <div id="msg_3987" class="inner"></div> </div> <img id="modify_button_3987" class="modifybutton" onclick="oQuickModify.modifyMsg('3987')" style="cursor: pointer;" title="Beitrag editieren" alt="Beitrag editieren" src="http://sangham.net/Themes/sangham/images/icons/modify_inline.gif"></img> </div> <div class="moderatorbar"></div></div> and the main areas of css look like this /* poster and postarea + moderation area underneath */.post_wrapper{ float:right; width:100%;}.poster{ float: right; text-align: center; width: 15em;}.postarea, .moderatorbar{ margin: 0 16em 0 0;}.post{ margin-top: 0.5em; clear: left;}.inner{ padding: 1em 0 2px 1em; margin: 0 0 0 1em; border-top: 1px solid #99a;}
  3. Dear W3Schools Forum supporters and members, I have some "troubles" with float after editing the css file. While in firefox all is fine, it does not seems to work in MS-Explorers. Do anybody have an idea? I have attached two pics. 1st is Firefox, second is IE. The avatar content should be right next to the post area, in IE it is above and makes a step, does not "flow" Thanks a lot in advance.
  4. Thanks a lot for the hint, thescientist! Actually real great help so its easier to maintain. How ever: Hard-coding, I like that word :-) all very relative. It works fine, davej, any you are invited to use it. (You could use it also as a real nice "do your task tool, so you dont't need to think around, should I do this, or would this be more joy... push the link and take your choice) Should be not just to waste time, but maybe to open another door by (there are no) accident. Random SuttaRandom ArticleRandom Jataka
  5. Dear W3school supporters and friends I could say luck but actually simply generosity, a co-helper had a quick inspiration and we got it. How ever, he was happy about the idea to share it here as well, maybe somebody else searches for such solution and its quite simple (if you know the language): a script-file, here called "randomsutta.js" // list of the random selectable filesvar suttalist=new Array( "http://zugangzureinsicht.org/html/tipitaka/dn/dn.01.0.bodh.html", "http://zugangzureinsicht.org/html/tipitaka/dn/dn.02.0.than.html", "http://zugangzureinsicht.org/html/tipitaka/dn/dn.09.0.than.html", "http://zugangzureinsicht.org/html/tipitaka/dn/dn.11.0.than.html", "http://zugangzureinsicht.org/html/tipitaka/dn/dn.12.0.than.html");// sum of linksvar listlength=5;// function to get the random filefunction randomlink(){ var pagetogo=suttalist[Math.floor(listlength*Math.random())]; location.href=pagetogo; } And the html file where you place the link /action, here called "randomlink.html" <html><head><title>Random Test</title></head><body><script type="text/javascript" src="randomsutta.js"></script><a href="javascript:randomlink();">Random Sutta</a></body></html> Thanks a lot all of you here and I wish that it might be useful for somebody, its a gift.
  6. Thanks a lot, Thescientist. 1) I know that would be the best, but actually I have ony 3 weeks left to be able to work on internet and plenty things I would like to fix. So I guess I am not able to do so, or better. I have some priorities with my limited time. 2) That's what I thought. Intellectual so far no problem, but no language skill and to less basic knowledge. A file with a list of links, with an ID. A script that generates a number out of the given 1...XX numbers and another function that pics up the link under this ID. The whole leads to a new page open in a browser.The idea is that there is a link (Element?) "Random Article Kind A" and if you klick it, this page will open. "Random Article Kind A" and if you klick it, this page will open. A list file with the urls under the category Article Kind A A list file with the urls under the category Article Kind B That are my naive ideas.
  7. From the prinzip, yes Davej. But just with the certain content of pagefile of my website.
  8. Dear W3C school supporters and friends, I am searching for a simple solution to provide such as a random article or file.Not sure, but I could think about a "list" in a file (a list I could make manual), where a script might select a file name by "accident" and builds a link to this web page. Do you have any idea of how such could be managed for someone with less specific skills in all web issues and languages.Thanks in advanced!
  9. Johann

    Hide and show elemets

    Dear Hadien,really no problem, please don't feel any stress with it or worry even if it is very careful and praiseworthy. its not so much the code it self but I lack much of general knowledge how things are connected css-html-java and not even a real idea of DOM. That is my basic problem with it. Not to speak about the languages them selves, I am terrible in regard of languages and remembering, so I always use dictionaries. Programming is not different at all.So I had a relative ease to understand Davej sample and it took me an hour to have it integrated. It's that his sample includes css-hltm-java and so I could understand what it is doing and which parts and ways I can adopt to my environment.As told, I can see the great idea, the benefit and effort you did here and I am really ashamed that I am not capable to take and use this gift.For the general expand inpand I use this simple version: <script>function off(){document.getElementById("H_homage").style.display="none";document.getElementById("F_footer").style.display="none";document.getElementById("H_search").style.display="none";document.getElementById("H_crumbtrail").style.display="none";document.getElementById("H_tipitakaLinks").style.display="none";document.getElementById("H_copyright").style.display="none";document.getElementById("H_altFormat").style.display="none";document.getElementById("F_read").style.display="none";document.getElementById("H_tipitakaID").style.display="none";document.getElementById("H_docAuthorTrans").style.display="none";document.getElementById("H_docAuthorTransInfo").style.display="none";document.getElementById("H_docAuthorTransAlt").style.display="none";document.getElementById("H_docBy").style.display="none";document.getElementById("H_docAuthor").style.display="none";document.getElementById("H_nextpage").style.display="none";}</script><script>function on() { location.reload() }</script><script>function showHide(link){var article = link.previousSibling;while(article.nodeName!='ARTICLE'){// find the previous articlearticle = article.previousSibling;}if(article.className=='showall'){link.innerHTML = '<img src="http://zugangzureinsicht.org/html/img/more.png" alt="[show more]" /> [more]';article.className='showmore';}else{link.innerHTML = '<img src="http://zugangzureinsicht.org/html/img/hide.png" alt="[hide]" /> [hide]';article.className='showall';}}</script></head><body><div id="F_reload"><a onclick="on()" title='Cklick here to reload all informations of this page again.'><img width="50" src="http://zugangzureinsicht.org/html/img/read_en.png" alt="[reload all]" /></a></div><div id="F_read"><a onclick="off()" title='Click here to hide all informations except the discorse.'><img width="50" src="http://zugangzureinsicht.org/html/img/read_en.png" alt="[simple read]" /></a></div> That is really simple and as the pages themselves are well structured it's relatively easy to change for a certain stock of pages an id with is not needed. To perfect running all over codes will cause some laziness in the general structure. So its somehow a good hint if you see a problem, better than if all run's smooth and the html content and structure it self is a mass.So here is my modest reward: Hard to Find and acknowledgment
  10. Johann

    Hide and show elemets

    Uhh Hadien, I guess that is out of my reach. :-) To less basic understanding. Maybe it's better to use first function off() and care that the id's are proper to the certain file. Guess that is something I can manage with my 3 tools skill "copie, paste and replace". davej code for this sample I could understand as I could try "when I adjust this... that happens" but here, I have to less imagination possibilities and miss the connecting key.Please apologies, this gift is to big that I can handle it at present times. Still that does not lessen the merits done by your generosity.
  11. Johann

    Hide and show elemets

    You are freaking awesome! Thanks a lot Hadien.I thought that such as 2 kind of css, would be the most secure but had no idea how to manage. That would fit to it in its meaning and function I guess.Well there is already a lot of info here and I need to mention that I did not even know what css is 4 month ago not to speak about java... So 70% of the language I do not understand, but I guess I understand the different and function a little and its purpose. So lets see if I am able to "hack" this with my improvisation so that it might be working well.To work through all of this will be to much I guess.Thanks a lot. 'm Speak-less... so much hints an support.The code it self "function inpand..." is that a script to put in every html? (sorry for my question, as told, some HTML, a little css and the rest... since opening post here I guess.)
  12. Johann

    Hide and show elemets

    Wohh! A night shift away I had no plan, and now so many solution. Thanks a lot. Actually there are two things One is the footer (with Info) to en-lapse collapse, that works (I guess) already great. And the other thing is the "Read only the real contexts" - mode, where all parts (menu, info's, ...) should be hidden. And they are good sorted in <div> ids.I have uploaded some pages with the current stage of my merely stroke of luck work. Maybe its useful to understand: Relentlessly (onclick - button for the "Read only the real contexts" - mode is in the upper right corner, the paper image - still some texts are not hidden proper. And the show and hide for the Terms are on the bottom, this part works well I guess) Thanks a lot both of you! Incredible such a quick art of solution thinking, even with other ones codes. mudita
  13. Johann

    Hide and show elemets

    Dear davej, Dear dsonesuk, I guess I could manage something useful with davejs code. Just build the article around this space.How ever, in case of the hiding of Divisions on ids, I still have trouble. As the sites are not all equal and have different division ids included, it always strikes if one of the id is actually missing. Is there a way around?I used to use it in this way: So if for example "H_tipitakaLinks" is missing in this document, it would not process further and not all would be hidden, while the ways are somehow strange. Ranking them helps, but not finally.
  14. Johann

    Hide and show elemets

    Thanks a lot davej! That looks very great and I need to study and experiment a little with it, to understand it better.I have a lot of <div> with specific id's which and it's that try to find a way to change as less as possible within the html files (many pages). Generally that seems to go in the right direction. Two things I face with no quick idea. Is it possible to make it for ids? And is it possible to call more than one ID for this action.The cut by size (height) is not so important, as it would show and hidde a whole div (of a certain id) (As I had seen, that is no more css or html. I apologies the further use of this topic here and hope that is ok for the forum team here. If not, I would like to request to maybe move it to the ? java section ... not sure)Thanks
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