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    What is ColdFusion ?

    What is coldFusion ? Is ColdFusion programming language like php and.net ?
  2. rajivdevkk

    Flash Tutorial

    I am learning flash animation. I am also looking for flash tutorials book.
  3. rajivdevkk

    What is the best Doc Type to declair?

    Doc Type is good. I always use DOCTYPE method to create a site.
  4. rajivdevkk

    Floating div going outside it's container div

    I think you have given good scripting.
  5. rajivdevkk

    Bad Permalinks adding characters

    If you submit bad permalinks. it would be not good for your site keyword ranking. it will be negative affect.
  6. I want to the deference of both html and xhtml coding.
  7. rajivdevkk

    jQuery loading or HTML

    I think you should change. I think it would be effective for seo.