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    VB Script That Detects if A Specific Excel File is Open

    Checking now. Thanks for the link
  2. Hi Guys, I'm trying to move away from Task Scheduler as my trigger for opening an Excel file. The problem there is it has a minimum of 5 min interval (I need at least 30 sec) and If the process of the initial instance of the Excel file is longer than the usual that after 5 min another instance executes it messes up my memory bandwidth. What I want is to use VB Script that first check if a particular Excel file is open if yes then wait for another 30 sec to check.Question: What is the right syntax/code for detecting a specific Excel file and loops every 30 sec. But I also want to be able to end the loop if I want to.Here is my current code: Gateway TimeoutRequestURI=http://timeentry/Set Recordset = CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset") ConnString = "DRIVER={MySQL ODBC 3.51 Driver}; SERVER=PHMNWWKS027604; DATABASE=db_skusetup; " &_"UID=root;PASSWORD=; OPTION=3"'Check for Export Query'Recordset.ActiveConnection = ConnString exportSQL = "SELECT * FROM tb_queue_export WHERE request_status = 'Pending' ORDER BY request_id DESC LIMIT 1"Recordset.Open exportSQLSet objExcelExtract = CreateObject("Excel.Application")Set objWorkbookExtract = objExcelExtract.Workbooks.Open("C:Usersushuam00DesktopLAPTOP.xlsx") If objWorkbookExtract.ReadOnly then if Recordset.Fields(3) <> "" then end if end iftest= MsgBox(Recordset.Fields(3),3,Recordset.EOF)Recordset.Close ReadOnly is not doing it for me.
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    Translucency Header

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to achieve a translucency effect like MS Aero and iOS 7 effect. Basically I want all the contents passing below my header to be visible but just enough transparency and blur, just a subtle effect. This one blurs the item but since it's in the header it blurs the content of the header rather the item below it. -webkit-filter: blur(10px); filter: blur(10px);