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  1. How to center a block including list items

    I changed ul to ul{text-align: left; display: inline-block;} It worked. Thanks.
  2. How to center a block including list items

    Hello, I have this html: <div class = "heroh"> <h4>Let us make a fair offer. </h4> <ul> <li>No commissions or fees </li> <li>You don’t pay for any repairs</li> <li>No listing</li> </ul> </div> <h4>Just Complete This Quick Form</h4> </div> CSS; .heroh {text-align:center} .heroh ul { text-align: left; } Now it centers all except the list. How to center heroh class including bullet points plus align left all the list items? Thanks.
  3. How to draw a line in css

    Hello, I can simply use border:1px solid colorcode; to draw line. It will simply draw a straight line. I attached an image here. Please let me know how I can draw line in css similar to the image? https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7xIEuVi005ydG4tZVZ0RXdBeUU Thanks.
  4. Hello, Currently, I get the WSDL file from developers. I enter the WSDL file directory in a tool. Then enter input parameter for each method. After that, I get SOAP response. In response, I see HTTP header and HTTP response. In the body, I see SOAP request and response. I would like to learn the end to end process like how to create WSDL file, how to write the methods where I can specify input and output parameters. My goal is to simply build the webservice structure myself. Can you refer me to some guide? Thanks.
  5. How to call method

    Hello, I have this function to launch the application: Public Function OpenApplication(exePath) SystemUtil.Run exePath OpenApplication = 1 End Function 'Calling the function works. url = "examplesite.com" aa = OpenApplication(url) 'Instead of calling from the script, I would like to move the function and parameter in excel. So, in excel, I have two columns: method and parameter My script goes to excel, read the method and parameter then make the call. I get type mismatch error at the last line myMethod(myParam). myMethod = SheetOne.Cells(2, 3) myParam = SheetOne.Cells(2, 4) myMethod(myParam) Please advise.
  6. How to return an int in java

    I asked how to generate a random number and then enter it. Your example is not relevant.
  7. How to return an int in java

    Any solution will help.
  8. How to return an int in java

    my code has details. Simply trying to generate a random number and then enter it as phone extension.
  9. How to return an int in java

  10. How to return an int in java

    So how can I convert to charsequence? public void enterPhoneExt(int ext) { int randomNumber = SuperClass.GenerateRandomNumber(ext); driver.findElement(PhoneExtField).clear(); char randomNumber1 = (char) randomNumber; driver.findElement(PhoneExtField).sendKeys(randomNumber1); WaitInSeconds(1000); }
  11. How to return an int in java

    public class a() extends b{} //Caller Registration1.enterPhoneExt(10); } public class b() extends c{ public void enterPhoneExt(int ext) { int randomNumber = c.GenerateRandomNumber(ext); driver.findElement(PhoneExtField).sendKeys(randomNumber); } } public class c(int Max){ Random rand = new Random(); int n = rand.nextInt(Max) + 1; return n; } Hello, I am getting error in class b on line: driver.findElement(PhoneExtField).sendKeys(randomNumber); It is asking me to change the data type of randomNumber in class b to charsequence. After I change the data type, I get another error. Please advise on how I can return int to caller by keeping the 3 classes?
  12. Hello, <div class ="buyerform"> .....</div> I have css which places a background image. .buyerform { background-image: url(/newsite/sites/default/files/davishouse.png); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-size: cover; background-position: 0 100%; padding: 100px 15% 100px 15%; background-color: #443838; } Is there way I can have color on top of the image with some opacity? I tried this but had no effect on it. .buyerform:before { text-align: left; color: #afa69c; background-color: red; opacity:.5; }
  13. Hello, I would like to make a list as follows: <ol class = "lg"> <li>Open the<strong> command prompt </strong>one of the following ways: </li> <ul class = "md"> <li>Click Search > Enter cmd > Choose Command Prompt. </li> <li>Right-click Start button > Click run > Enter cmd</li> </ul> <li>In the <strong>command prompt</strong>, type the command <strong>path </strong>. </li> <li>In the command prompt, type the command <strong>java -version</strong> </li> <img src="http://selenium.MT.com/images/selenium-java_st3.png" alt="selenium java" /> </ol> But I only get the first li element numbered. Everything after that are bullets. How can i placed un-ordered inside ordered?
  14. How to style on anchor

    Thank you so much. Sorry I got confused with the below message. Now, everything works. Like this
  15. How to style on anchor

    As you know, I am using drupal. I simply created a view to list titles of nodes. Titiles are linked to nodes. I am not sure how I would create <a> element block.