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  1. Hello, I have this function to launch the application: Public Function OpenApplication(exePath) SystemUtil.Run exePath OpenApplication = 1 End Function 'Calling the function works. url = "" aa = OpenApplication(url) 'Instead of calling from the script, I would like to move the function and parameter in excel. So, in excel, I have two columns: method and parameter My script goes to excel, read the method and parameter then make the call. I get type mismatch error at the last line myMethod(myParam). myMethod = SheetOne.Cells(2, 3) myParam = SheetOne.Cells(2, 4) myMethod(myParam) Please advise.
  2. I asked how to generate a random number and then enter it. Your example is not relevant.
  3. Any solution will help.
  4. my code has details. Simply trying to generate a random number and then enter it as phone extension.
  5. yes
  6. So how can I convert to charsequence? public void enterPhoneExt(int ext) { int randomNumber = SuperClass.GenerateRandomNumber(ext); driver.findElement(PhoneExtField).clear(); char randomNumber1 = (char) randomNumber; driver.findElement(PhoneExtField).sendKeys(randomNumber1); WaitInSeconds(1000); }
  7. public class a() extends b{} //Caller Registration1.enterPhoneExt(10); } public class b() extends c{ public void enterPhoneExt(int ext) { int randomNumber = c.GenerateRandomNumber(ext); driver.findElement(PhoneExtField).sendKeys(randomNumber); } } public class c(int Max){ Random rand = new Random(); int n = rand.nextInt(Max) + 1; return n; } Hello, I am getting error in class b on line: driver.findElement(PhoneExtField).sendKeys(randomNumber); It is asking me to change the data type of randomNumber in class b to charsequence. After I change the data type, I get another error. Please advise on how I can return int to caller by keeping the 3 classes?
  8. Hello, <div class ="buyerform"> .....</div> I have css which places a background image. .buyerform { background-image: url(/newsite/sites/default/files/davishouse.png); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-size: cover; background-position: 0 100%; padding: 100px 15% 100px 15%; background-color: #443838; } Is there way I can have color on top of the image with some opacity? I tried this but had no effect on it. .buyerform:before { text-align: left; color: #afa69c; background-color: red; opacity:.5; }
  9. Hello, I would like to make a list as follows: <ol class = "lg"> <li>Open the<strong> command prompt </strong>one of the following ways: </li> <ul class = "md"> <li>Click Search > Enter cmd > Choose Command Prompt. </li> <li>Right-click Start button > Click run > Enter cmd</li> </ul> <li>In the <strong>command prompt</strong>, type the command <strong>path </strong>. </li> <li>In the command prompt, type the command <strong>java -version</strong> </li> <img src="" alt="selenium java" /> </ol> But I only get the first li element numbered. Everything after that are bullets. How can i placed un-ordered inside ordered?
  10. Thank you so much. Sorry I got confused with the below message. Now, everything works. Like this
  11. As you know, I am using drupal. I simply created a view to list titles of nodes. Titiles are linked to nodes. I am not sure how I would create <a> element block.
  12. So, are you saying I can not do it?
  13. Understood. I have been inspecting and trying to find out what overriding and I could not find it. I appreciate your time. If you could visit the page and see what overriding it, it would be great. You have provided 3 styles. All works except active class.
  14. or How can I make the anchor tag 100% width of the title field? #block-views-selenium-block-1 .views-field.views-field-title a{ width:100%} It did not work. This is a workaround I was thinking.
  15. Thank you. But your styling of hover and active same as mine. I am still getting the same result. Hover works. Active does nothing.