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  1. Let me put it in simple words,after the login page,we have a page named dashboard,where various tabs like "My Activities",'My Calendar' etc are listed. On clicking on My Activities tab, another page with the list of activities should open. We are facing a problem with this migration. The back end of the application is configured using Siebel Tools.
  2. Hi All, We are designing amobile application based on Oracle Siebel. We are stuck on mobile build. We are facing the problem on navigating from first html page to another.Actually what is happening in Vanilla Object Manager 'Siebel Self Service Wireless (ENU)' is after login page only one html page is defined which is Main page/Dashboard page. But in our mobile build wireframe, it has two html pages after login. But in tools at application level, we define only 'acknowledgement page' which is Main Page and its corresponding .swt and .xsl file.So our problem is to figure out how it will navigate from main page to next html page and to subsequent pages after that. Any help in this matter would be highly appreciated.
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