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  1. Didn't work. You have to do it internally or inline, and when using a Wordpress theme you'll lose the coding with each update of that theme.
  2. I saw that, but I have to ask, can it be done external, or must it be done internal or inline?
  3. Alan Kellogg

    Here's the Deal

    This is what I used. This is what I get (after changing from 3 columns to 2). I have tried pointing out the problem to people at WordPress.org, but they just don't get it. What they find hard to comprehend is that the end of a paragraph is not the end of a column, a column continues on. Only the end of a column is the end of a column, and only then does text continue on in the next column. Any thoughts?
  4. I give up, if it aint the theme, it's the plugin. I may try again later, but for now I'm taking a break.
  5. I suspect it has something to do with the theme I'm using, Catch Evolution (Word Press) Then I change themes and the custom CSS disappears. <Sigh>
  6. I don't know, and I don't know how to find out.
  7. That is my experience. I have to ask, has anybody tried the code inline?
  8. I'm aware of that. So I added more coding and got the look I currently have. However, the CSS provided for columns didn't work on my site, with text from one paragraph bleeding over to the other column. Here is the code I used, with "p" replacing "div" div { -webkit-column-width: 100px; /* Chrome, Safari, Opera */ -moz-column-width: 100px; /* Firefox */ column-width: 100px;}
  9. Has anyone worked on using HTML to put text into columns? I know you can fake it using table HTML, but at times that can have problems.
  10. Can CSS be used to put paragraph text into columns? If so, how? Would it be best done externally, internally, or inline?
  11. Goal: To set text indent in the first paragraph after a heading to a value of 0px; with subsequent paragraphs to be set with a text indent of N.px. Query: Can this be done?
  12. I know you can simulate columns in text by using tables, but there are a few problems. Such as a cell expanding the more text you add. So I have a proposition; Lock the cells. Set the size of the cells in then lock that size. The cell is then limited to the number of characters one may add depending on the size of the cell, the font family, the font size, the font weight, the font style, and other relevant things. Lock the table. Set the dimensions of the table, then lock them. Attempting to add anything more than what the table can hold fails. Automatic carry over. In the case of a cell anything over and above is placed into the cell immediately to the left of the first cell, or into the first cell on the left in the row below the one. When the current cell is the last one in a table to covers the page (whatever the page dimensions), the table in question is copied on the next page and entries continue as before. (Any table copied has the settings of the original. In addition, I recommend adding a specialized table, to consist of one cell (though it can have additional cells if your formatting calls for it), to be set to the size of a sheet of paper---either a standard size such as American Legal or British A4 plus margins, or a custom size---giving the writer a text area material may be added to. But once the "page" is full a new "page" is created where the work can continue. Note that this means a link would be added on the old page to the new one. I'm suggesting this because I'm tired of web pages that go on and on and on (and on and on and (on and on))) until the Moon is about to enter the Earth Roche Limit and break up. And that's a long time away. What do you think? (Note that not everybody uses a small screen to visit the Web, and sometimes a large browser window means really long lines of text. Naturally my suggestion would have to be responsive to screens or windows of various sizes. Besides which, I want to be able to present pages on my site that look like the pages in a book or a certain format.}
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