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  1. PayPal

    Very Good option!
  2. My personal website redesigned

    Your website is nice. But you can improve it via adding flat look and elegant style. If you search for some photogrpahy site on Awwward.com you will find good inspiration.
  3. Styling a form with CSS

    Good suggestion Davej.
  4. Photoshop question

    I faced same issue once. My issue is resolved now frm here.
  5. My personal photo showroom

    You got a good design strategy. But I think you should add some more text into about me section of your website. So people will be able to get more information about you. You can also link your site to your social media accounts.
  6. What happen to flash tutorials?

    I think HTML5 is getting more popular than flash now.
  7. w3school web service example source code

    Great examples. Thanks a lot!
  8. Review my Website Echofreelance.com

    Yes Bootstrap.
  9. Signature in mobile version, as a automatic spoiler!

    Why not post this same question to stackexchange?
  10. Review my Website Echofreelance.com

    I would like to get your review on my website http://www.echofreelance.com/ which I recently launched. This is a complete flat web design. I used real photos of my stff and I. I would love to receive feedback on how I can further improve the design and other aspects which will lead to a better conversion rate. Regards
  11. schema help

    Crr provide a godd help.
  12. My business site: con-crit welcome

    At a first glance, your website seems like a spam. The design is really poor. If you are a web designer, people will never expect this kind of website from you.
  13. ned help understanding how xml schema works

    You should read this post: http://www.searchenginejournal.com/how-to-use-schema-markup-for-local-seo/60245/
  14. uploading videos

    I got this for your help! http://web.appstorm.net/roundups/media-roundups/10-great-html5-video-players/
  15. Own Page in Wordpress

    The biggest advanatge of WordPress site is that you can find everything in theme and plugins. So you should got for your required theme.