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  1. Hi All, The company i wrok for; has a web application that is developed using, .net framework 2.05, VS 2005 I took this web application on my new machine that i have installed VS 2005, .Net framework 2.05 and it is Windows XP so IIS is IIS 5.1 When i opened this application in VS 2005 and tried to run it it asked for the System.EnterpriseServices.dll so i added it as a reference in the bin directory from the following path "C:WINDOWSMicrosoft.NETFrameworkv2.0.50727" and the application runs successfuly. now i need to publish it, so i publish the web site and took the precompiled sub folder of the application and put it in the wwwroot folder and configured it with IIS and when i browse it give me the error as specified in the attached file. i searched the net and read about the IISRESET command and tried it then i browse my application, it runs successfuly. but i f it tried to browse and other web application configured in the IIS it give the same error until i do the IISRESET so the last application will run and the first one wouldn't. so i figured out that one application can be browsed at a time until i reset the IIS so the other can be run. also if tried to call my application from another machine it gives the page can not be displayed. also if published the application and configured it as virtual directory on another server machine that has IIS7 the same exception as the attached file occurrs. i don't know how to solve this issue... is it a windows, framework, IIS 5.1 or VS 2005 problem? i tried to register this dll to the assembly folder using the gacutil but it fails saying you don't have enough permissons even though i am an Administrator user for my machine. so don't know to do this? i reformatted the whole computer and install WindosXP Service pack 3, VS2005, .NET framework, IIS again but still facing the same problem. please help this is urgent, i need to publish from my machine to my machine and on the server machine... thanks