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  1. "JUSTSOMEGUY" Thanks, i really appreci8te your speed response. but it with do me a great good if am able to get step a step guide to your solution. i am somehow a newbie on this. thanks for your time.
  2. Good day, to all. I need help on how to develop a website on IIS 8 PLATFORM. i have actually installed it on my windows 8. but i dont know how and where to start developing a website when the Localhost/ ... iis 8 page comes on when loaded.i would be grateful for ur speed response and kind consideration.
  3. images

    Goodday, "DAVEJ" it was when i brought the image file to the newfolderweb that was when it included the newfolderweb extension to the location directory of the image file.
  4. images

    Goodday, "INGOLME" i actually did what u said by checking the extension file as to be sure and also the inclusion of the image file in html folder but yet no positve result yet..
  5. images

    ok, "DAVEJ" . this is the information i have on my image file. Name: photo0537_001 Type of File: jpg file (.jpg) Opens with: photos Location : C:/Users/charles/Pictures Size : 53.0kb from the above information have been using the "Name" as my (src) then" Type of File " as my (alt ) but yet no visible picture.all i c is a broken link till this point in time.
  6. images

    Godday "DAVEJ", okay let me clear myself on this, before i started developing on my PC. i did the following, 1; i created a folder on my desktop as (Newfolder web).. 2; i assembled some code on my NOTEPAD of which the first i saved and stored as (index.html) on my desktop(Newfolder web). 3; so anytime i want to view the index.html file as a web page, i would simply locate the (Newfolder web) and then click on the Home page. there and then i can now see it as a typical website page like Flexmall.com. but i couldnt see the Image element i inserted.
  7. images

    "DSONESUK" i would be glad if you would direct me on how to go about setting up my desktop folder as a virtual folder on IIS 8. or where to input this, file///c:/users/username/desktop/webfolder/index.html. as u adviced.
  8. images

    Well, "davej" this is is what my code looks like in my NOTEPAD... <!DOCTYPE html><html><head><meta charset="UTF-8"><title>PHP Demo</title><link href="Site.css" rel="stylesheet"></head><body><div id="main"> <header> <h1><b>Flexmall.com</b></h1> </header><nav id="nav01"></nav><h2></h2><div id="nav"><h2><b>Bulleting</b></h2><hr><p>Pages (HTML)</p><br><p>Style Sheets (CSS)</p><br><p>Computer Code (JavaScript)</p><br><p><a href='about.html'>why you would like to know us</a></p><br><p><a href='Motivationals.html'>Motivationals</a></p></div></br><img src="photo0537_001.jpg" alt="jpg file" style="width:304px;height:228px"/><div id="footer"><footer id="foot01"></footer></div></div><script src="Script.js"></script></body></html> Now all are visible when i view it in the webfolder , but the IMAGE element isnt visible... that is just the problem am experiencing
  9. images

    thanks for your response davej,i did this the same way u prescribed but i still encountered same problem.
  10. images

    Summary of the image issue 1; Am actually using the NOTEPAD on my computer to assemble codes for my web development.i have created an index.html file and stored it on my desktop i.e ( in a web folder) accordingly. 2; furthermore, i tried to include images to the webpage(index.html file) so as to make the "index web page" look attractive. now i took the following steps: a)i inserted this <img src="photo0537_001.jpg" alt="jpg file" style="width:304px;height:228px"> into my index.html file which is on my NOTEPAD, but when i try to view it on my web folder; it would show me an image box with no picture in it. now the image am actually trying to place on my webpage is on my desktop i.e (pictures folder). NOTE: the issue, now is i dont know if that could be the correct location to fetch images from in other to place on my webpage. or are there other alternatives. 2ndly, am developing offline i.e using my IIS 8 webserver. I will highly esteem your swift response as to your candid advice to this minor issue.
  11. images

    I would be gratefull to get a step by step guide to solving this minor problem of which in know is not an issue for most of you guys.am a newbie. actually i am developing locally on my IIS 8. have been able to produce .html files, but when it comes to attaching images to the web pages i always have a small box with a broken link.how do solve this problem or where do i need to go to on my system to locate this problem