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  1. smus

    Table Sort

    ? It continues sorting the column with numbers as if it's text, despite the conversion (text to number)
  2. smus

    Table Sort

    Hi, I need your hint. I am using table sort from this w3schools example: https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_js_sort_table.asp There is a table with 2 columns, the first contains text data, the second - numbers. I want the second one to be sorted as integers, but it doesn't work when I convert a string to number like this: if(n === 1){x = parseInt(x.innerHTML)} or number(x.innerHTML) n is the column id starting from zero
  3. justsomeguy is right, if you have complex data, better to store it in a database, server-side or client-side. Even HTML5 (using JS) has a way to store data called webstorage. Choose the way that suits you best
  4. Can you explain what you want?
  5. <input type="text" onkeyup="thenameofthefunction()"> <input type="text" onclick="thenameofthefunction()">
  6. smus

    Web Workers

    HTML Web Workers are using JavaScript code to run. Why Web Workers need to be used only under a server then? I tried launching .html file separately and they don't work.
  7. smus

    Object's key names

    Yeah, true, same info is on StackOverflow: different implementatoins of recursive approach. Strange that ES6 doesn't have a built-in function or method for it. Object.hasOwnProperty is only for the upper-level keys which makes it useless for structured objects.
  8. const data = { level1: { level2: { level3: 'some data' } } }; Is there a way to get the names of all the keys (at any level) in that object without using a recursion? (level1, level2, level3)
  9. smus

    Hex to ASCII

    Yeah, I agree. It's pretty straightforward
  10. But it's fast! Have any of you tried AkelPad? I like it. It is simple, fast and if you need any of that options as highlighting, they are represented as plug-ins, so you can switch them on.
  11. <button onclick="someFunction()">button</button> Have you added the quotes? The function starts on the page load?
  12. smus

    Hex to ASCII

    It is, but to be honest, I couldn't find the solution. Unfortunately, classic ASP is not really popular nowadays.
  13. I want to create full-functional web interface on node.js which uses mysql database. Node greatly interacts with MySQL (adding, editing data), but when it comes to returning the data from a database after submitting it, ordinary page reload is not enough. How am I better to perform it? Should I use some additional modules? I am pretty new to Node.js. So how is it usually done by node.js developers?
  14. smus

    Complicated MSSQL query

    Please help me with the complicated query that I should complete. Can't get the right result because 'having' has to have a static value to compare and 'where' doesn't work with aggregate functions. Is there an alternative way to solve it? Maybe inner join can help?
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