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    No, void is a completely useless Javascript construct.
  2. It's a "feature" built into iPhone browsers. If you make sure that the font size of the text inside your inputs is at least 16px then iPhone won't try to zoom in to see it.
  3. Yes. Use CSS to set the border width to 0 or the border style to "none"
  4. Ingolme

    Query not working

    The mysql_ library is deprecated, you should be using something else like PDO. I can't tell what the problem is without seeing all of the code. Can you write a very basic program to test it and put the code here? Please use the code block ( <> button) to keep it organized.
  5. You should use single-quotes in the exec() command, otherwise it thinks that $USER is a PHP variable. I would expect the above code to throw an error similar to "Undefined variable $USER".
  6. Ingolme

    Query not working

    "Affected rows" usually only counts the number of rows that were modified or deleted. If you want to count the number of rows that were selected, you can either loop through the rows you received and count them or or use a SELECT COUNT(*) query.
  7. I don't know how this "owl" plugin works, you should check their documentation. Open the Javascript console in your browser to check for errors as well.
  8. Confirm is a function, so call it with parentheses: return confirm("Do you want to continue?"); I would recommend putting this code in an submit event of the form rather than the click event of a button, so that even if the user submits the form through other means (pressing Enter in the text field) the code will still run.
  9. UTF-8 is a good encoding, but your text editor should be using UTF-8 without BOM (Byte-Order Mark). The option to choose with or without a BOM should be available in your code editor.
  10. Looks like it's a byte-order mark. https://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/feff/index.htm
  11. They're invisible, so you won't see them. They're visible in a different encoding, this is what I get when I change the invisible characters to ANSI encoding: These segments "" are visible representations of some UTF-8 characters which are in your code. Your code editor is probably putting them in there.
  12. contains() is a function which returns true if the element has the class and false if it does not. It is not a direct replacement for toggle(). You have to write code which will check if the class already exists, if it does then use remove(), if it does not then use add().
  13. No, background-image works fine and serves a slightly different purpose than background. What I am noticing in the code that you are pasting here is that there are a lot of invisible characters which are probably interfering with your CSS code. Which text editor are you using to write your code?
  14. I believe that the toggle() method of classList is not supported by Internet Explorer. You can work around that by testing classList.contains() and then using classList.add() or classList.remove() based on whether it already has the class or not.
  15. Open the developer tools in your browser to see what it going on. In most browsers you can open them by pressing F12. Note that the body is only as tall as the content within it, so you will only see the image behind the first line of text.
  16. The images folder is not a child of the CSS folder, this is why you have to climb out of the CSS folder to find it, by prepending "../" to the path. Assuming that you described your filesystem accurately, the path you are looking for can only be "../images/Art 1.jpg". There should not have to be any guesswork here, use the correct path and if that is not working then the issue is not with the path, it is elsewhere. Watch out that your text editor is not creating curly quotes instead of ordinary quotes. The quotes in your previous post would not work because they are curly quotes. This is what curly quotes look like ( ‘ ’ “ ”). The quotes you should be using look like this:( ' ' " "). For URLs, CSS accepts single-quotes, double-quotes or no quotes at all.
  17. The correct path would be: body { background-image: url ("../images/Art 1.jpg"); }
  18. URLs in external stylesheets are relative to the location of the stylesheet itself rather than the page. I can't tell if this is your problem or not since I don't know if your CSS is in an external stylesheet.
  19. Images are inline by default. All inline elements are placed at the text baseline. There is always a bit of space reserved below the baseline, which is for hanging letters like "g" or "y", and you see this space below the image. In order to fix this, you can either make the image a block, or set its vertical align to "middle".
  20. The variable "txtWeight" is not initialized anywhere and there is no such thing as a "result" property on ordinary HTML DOM elements.
  21. The buttons are inline elements inside each "row" block, so you can center them by setting the text-align of the row to center. .row { text-align: center; }
  22. Ingolme

    SQL Tryit Editor

    What code did you use?
  23. I don't know of any most popular editor, each person just goes with what works best for them. I mostly use Notepad++ and Atom at my job. I hear Sublime is popular, but it costs money. I don't know much about SciTE, but from what I saw of it, it looks pretty primitive. It might be useful for editing local files on a Linux machine, but I'm not sure it has enough features to do serious software development.
  24. This editor is not familiar to me, but here is an article indicating how to make SciTE save files with UTF-8 encoding: https://cstan.io/?p=8557&lang=en
  25. The problem is that your text editor is generating an ANSI or ISO-8859-1 file, but the PHP engine things it's UTF-8 so it is being misinterpreted. You code editor, Notepad, Visual Studio, Sublime, Atom.io, DreamWeaver, whatever it is, needs to save the file with a UTF-8 encoding.
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