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  1. 403 Forbidden

    I get a "430 Forbidden" error from Android/iOS when I click "TEST": http://ver.hol.es However if I click the URL in the address bar (after the error) and then I hit ENTER... it works. Where is the problem? is there any way to paste an URL and hit enter with PHP? (instead the header)
  2. Show php filename instead stream url?

    I'm just trying to open this stream from PHP, without changing the URL of the browser. In other words, I want to hide the stream in PHP. (show "stream.php" instead http://www.streambox.fr/playlists/x36xhzz/x36xhzz.m3u8) PS: I use Native HLS Playback to play m3u8 directly from Chrome.
  3. Show php filename instead stream url?

    I already tried just what you say to download and save that file: http://int.hol.es/test2.php header('Content-type: application/x-mpegURL'); header('Content-Disposition: inline; filename="video.m3u8"'); readfile('http://www.streambox.fr/playlists/x36xhzz/x36xhzz.m3u8'); However I can't open the stream; just view the content or download the file. The only way I know is using "header" ... but it changes the URL. Please, can someone show me an example for this?
  4. Show php filename instead stream url?

    I have not been able to solve this problem. I would appreciate any example instead of explanations. I have found another way to access a file without changing the URL name readfile('http://www.streambox.fr/playlists/x36xhzz/x36xhzz.m3u8'); However it displays the code: http://int.hol.es/test.php Please can you help me with a simple example?
  5. Stream not working using PHP...

    Solution: miniProxy
  6. Stream not working using PHP...

    Well, then there is some alternative for this, right?
  7. Stream not working using PHP...

    Please open this website + view the source: http://www.latina.pe/tvenvivo (search for "m3u8" URL... you will see your dinamic IP) My question is: can I extract the URL using my dinamic IP? I tried to extract the URL using PHP... however it shows the host IP, not my dinamic IP.
  8. Stream not working using PHP...

    It's the function name that I'm using in order to extract the URL. Anyway I think the problem is the IP associated. It's using the host IP instead the local IP. Is there any way to get the URL using the local IP via PHP?
  9. Stream not working using PHP...

    I'm trying to access a public spanish sports channel (with geoblock), via PHP. http://api.goltelevision.com/api/v1/media/hls/service/live It contains: {"code":200,"message":{"success":{"license":"","ip":"XX.XX.XX.XXX","manifest":"http://api-cdn.overon.es/SmilLive/getLiveIOS/playlist.m3u8?system=webgol&stream=webgol_gol24h&token=47836b419952abb5a0a768999ff9fb87&expire=5a503f1c","customData":"","hash":"webgol_gol24h","type":null}}} If I copy/paste the URL (http://...), it opens the stream without problems. However if I extract the URL via PHP (using "extract_unit" function) it does not open. Any idea?
  10. Replace number in a URL...

    The two hash (#) have solved the problem. Thank you! I have minimized the code: $unit = preg_replace('#[0-9]+\.#', '9.', $unit);
  11. Replace number in a URL...

    It doesn't work for me. I get a blank page. It's correct \\.test\\.com ? I tried with: $unit = preg_replace('~[0-9]+~', '9', $unit); ... but it changes the whole URL... (all the numbers to 9) Any idea?
  12. Replace number in a URL...

    I'm using "extract_unit" function in order to extract a URL. Now I want to change the first number (15) to 9. http://name15.test.com/live/test/index.m3u8?token=ab8hH3_1Y-d33BdyW_oxcQ&expires=1515075458 (The URL name/number can vary (for example "http://nemo2.test.com...")) I used the function: $unit = preg_replace('~(?:\A..|(?!\A)\G)[^0-9]*\K[0-9]+~', '9', $unit); but it changes all the numbers. Please can you help me with the regular expressions in order to change only the first number? Thank you in advance.
  13. Show php filename instead stream url?

    So I need 2 PHP's for that? please, can you show me an example?
  14. Show php filename instead stream url?

    I would prefer via php instead .htaccess
  15. Show php filename instead stream url?