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    Frame changing by link

    Hi everyone, inside PhpStorm, seem tag of frame has been strike, it might mean it is not support. I want to create like paginate data, but I just want to have page inside frame on page, so I can leave video on left, then other column can be change page by link. Anyone can help? Thanks, Gary
  2. Hi everyone, I am still learning changing PHP by mysqli to PDO. I'm not get used with PDO because it is little complex to understand, but maybe few weeks I will understand how PDO works. Now, I am trying to make redirect with type account in website and database. I am trying to identify type of three - administrator, license, and scorer page. I set up the test to make it work, seem it went dead end, it won't go to admin or license or scorer page. What did I do wrong? maybe something is missing. here my code: <?php /** * Created by PhpStorm. * User: Gary.Taylor * Date: 7/5/2018 * Time: 10:10 PM */ session_start(); require('access.php'); if(isset($_POST['submitted'])) { $username = $_POST['username']; $password = $_POST['password']; if($username && $password) { $login = $GaryDB->prepare("select username, password, Administrator from account Where username = '.$username.' and password = '.$password.' and Administrator = X"); $login->execute(); $count = $login->fetch(); if($count == 1) { $_SESSION['username'] = $username; header('location:admin.php'); } } elseif ($username && $password) { $login = $GaryDB->prepare("select username, password, License from account Where username = '.$username.' and password = '.$password.' and License = X"); $login->execute(); $count = $login->fetch(); if($count == 1) { $_SESSION['username'] = $username; header('location:license.php'); } } elseif ($username && $password) { $login = $GaryDB->prepare("select username, password, Scorer from account Where username = '.$username.' and password = '.$password.' and Scorer = X"); $login->execute(); $count = $login->fetch(); if($count == 1) { $_SESSION['username'] = $username; header('location:scorer.php'); } } else{ header('location:denied.html'); } }
  3. Sigmahokies

    Blur on video background

    Never mind about above, I found a way to make it work Thank you, everyone.
  4. Sigmahokies

    Blur on video background

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to have little blur on background which is video. I added filer:blur(5px) on this video, but it won't work. Is there any way to make it work? I searched in google to see some code in, but none of them are working. Can anyone help? Thanks, Gary Taylor
  5. Sigmahokies

    few checkbox checked, but count as one

    Here example look like:
  6. Sigmahokies

    few checkbox checked, but count as one

    Hey, hey! I just fixed what I want. all i have to remove "+" from =. it count as one! Thank you so much!
  7. Sigmahokies

    few checkbox checked, but count as one

    That is not what I am asking for. I am asking for to have few checkbox have been checked, but count as one. For example, If I put nine checkboxes on website, then I divide nine checkboxes into three group: Three checkboxes in one group, then three checkboxes in second group, then three checkboxes in third group, suppose someone click checkboxes two out of three checkboxes in first group, click one out of three checkboxes in second one, then click two out of three checkboxes in third one, so script would count three checked because it showed someone did it all nine checkboxes which divided into three group that will count as three checked. Get it? Please forgive me, English is not my primary language, it is my second language. My primary language is ASL. Thanks, Gary
  8. Hi everyone, I'm wondering it is possible to have few checkbox checked but count as one? For example, I put three checkbox on html, then checked two of three, but will count as one. Suppose I have group of checkbox, but considered count one from three checkbox checked. it will be very appreciate if you can help. Thanks, Gary
  9. Sigmahokies

    table under table

    Hi everyone, I will like to know how to have table under master table. Is it relationship? or how you do that? Thanks, Gary
  10. Sigmahokies

    Create new table will have relationship to prime table automatically

    Actually, I am using MySQL (MariaDB), All right I will try this, I will come back to comment if I have something wrong or question. Thanks, Gary
  11. Hi everyone, I know how to create new table by PHP, but I don't know how to have relationship to prime table such as account or register table once a new table is insert. Can you please show me how to do that? I know how to create new table, but my point is once table is insert in phpmyadmin, then have relationship connect to prime table. If you are not sure, I will explain more about this. Thanks, Gary
  12. Sigmahokies

    Insert into in PHP

    You mean, hackers can use URL to make data object mess up after use php code? Are you suggesting me to have different and very oddly variable, instead similar variable like inside SQL name of column that same name as variable? like for example, in SQL statement, `address 1`, then in PHP, $address1, is that how hacker get exploit to hack in? so, should I type very oddly, like Address 1 = $wacky? I mean, create those variable is no sense to people?
  13. Sigmahokies

    Insert into in PHP

    All right, I will test this SQL injection. Please be patient with me, I am having long way to learning. Please tell me, is PDO is best security than MySQLi? If so, that mean, i have to do start over to learn PDO. I know there will always new feature, but I am usually using same concept from Java, JavaScript, ASP. My real thing is working with database with web. I just use developer tools, I tested my old website that under company that give me a free small space disk - 1 GB. It is not serious, it is my practice in PHP, so, I use my username and password to access to next file, I don't see any SQL statement in developer tools, like it is just disappear. How do you can see SQL and PHP code? I don't see anywhere in developer tools in web browser. I'm no hacker, I don't like to hack in because in case if i do this, FBI will eat me alive, even revoke my degree, so forget it. my point is I thought PHP usually invisible to anyone because PHP just do interpreter in HTML, unlike ASP because ASP is a open source in website as you can see all code in View Page Source in any web browser. How can you see the SQL statement? I just don't get it all. Hey, I am still learning, there is no stopping to learn because there are over 1,000 new features in everyday. Thanks, Gary
  14. Sigmahokies

    Insert into in PHP

    it is interest to have backticks, in other phpmyadmin in server already, it does not require to have backticks, it works. That make me puzzling.