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  1. phileplanet

    Any1 know how to

    Does Freewebs even have PHP access?
  2. phileplanet

    Removing Styles

    Okay I just got a solution from another forum. I used float: right on the <form> and it looks okay.Thanks for your help though.
  3. phileplanet

    Removing Styles

    I have Google search box on phileplanet.com and it is messing everything up in all browsers but Firefox. I have tried padding 0, margin 0, outline 0 and even all three simultaneously but it still looks weird.Basically, I want to see if removing all CSS from that box will help.
  4. phileplanet

    Removing Styles

    Is there a way I can remove all styles from an element through something like style: none;?
  5. phileplanet

    Google Calendar Released!

    True but come on, Gmail integration kicks butt doesn't it?
  6. phileplanet

    Google Calendar Released!

    Google has finally released their web-based calendar app; it's pretty cool!
  7. phileplanet


    EDIT: Ok actually it works now. I was checking it the wrong way. I do still have a predicament though. Since the file acts like another directory, the images and the style sheets are not linked properly. How would I fix this?
  8. phileplanet

    problem on tables

    You can do this via CSS, go here.
  9. phileplanet

    Text Files + PHP + Editing

    If i've not mistaken, this is covered here.