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  1. Hi Ingolme, Many thanks for the response - the feed is an external URL that i'm importing to a in-built system - would I have to get the creator of the external feed to provide different links with a smaller amount of data on each link? Or could there be a way for me to use just the one link and separate the data myself? As more and more data is being added every hour to this link I would imagine the link containing something like number of: <job> x </job> tags listed = 500 But of course coded and making sense! Sorry for the questions - I really appreciate the help. Cameron
  2. Good afternoon, I'm going to need to test the patience and knowledge of you all so please bear with me. I own an online Recruitment Company and i'm looking to host a number of jobs from other sites. I have an in-built XML import option into my back end which works well data c. 1,000 Jobs, but any larger and i'm just met with a blank page. My software provider seems to think that the file is too large. Before going further, I've never studied any development or practiced any technical side - I have a sales background and do not yet have an in-house development team - (sorry!) I have an external feed i'm looking to import containing data for around 4,000 Jobs which is around 28mb when saved as an XML file. My question is - is the upload size restriction set by my hosting provider (ie the server) or could this be an issue for my back end software/XML Importer I use? (I appreciate you know very little about the software itself). My site is hosted by the same company that developed the website so any requests would go to them. In laymans terms, could someone offer a bit of an insight? Thanks in advance and once again, I apologise for my lack of technical knowledge! Cameron
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