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    #INCLUDE FILE in another directory

    I wrote a program called GetPath.asp, which is really no more than to just run server.MapPath("includefile.inc") that then display the results. My website is "ccs2468.com/" so I put http://ccs2468.com/GetPath.asp in the url (I assume that's the root dir) and run it. The result is - E \web\ccs2468com0\htdocs\includefile.inc. Now I'm not sure where the htdocs came from, but I'm pretty sure that would be considered a subdirectory on the root, which there's no such thing, so I took it out. So now, with my ftp program, I change dirs. to ccs2468.com/books/books.asp and insert this directive - <!-- #include file="E \web\ccs2468com0\includefile.inc" > and run books.asp. It makes the program crash.
  2. wildman

    #INCLUDE FILE in another directory

    I've worked in computers and programming 35 yrs, tho most of that in DOS. Not very fluent in windows. ok, i'm pretty sure I know what you mean by 'virtual' (computer memory). and 'server' (as opposed to the client) and 'root' (dir structure). PathPointer = Server.MapPath("/includefile.inc") run on the root returns - PathPointer = E: \web\ccs2468com0\htdocs\includefile.inc //ccs2468com0 is my website This I put in the #include directive in the program - other directory. Apparently the computer still can't find the file. Maybe I need to take the "htdocs" out, seeing that my file is in the root. i'm not sure what you mean by "document root for the server"
  3. wildman

    #INCLUDE FILE in another directory

    In plain English, please. I'm only a blue-collar clerk. Would I be asking too much to have you just write the code?
  4. wildman

    #INCLUDE FILE in another directory

    my include file works, provided both the program and i.f. it reads and includes are in the same directory. Now, i.f. is in 'root' and 4 programs , that feed off it, are in different 'dirs.' I need to put correct path into the <!-- #include file= ??? --> directive, but no matter what I put in computer still can't find it. Is this the answer? I've tried it, it doesn't work. IncPath = Server.MapPath("/ffile.inc"); //....... maybe something like this.