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    = vs like

    hi. this was working until now. and the string is exactly like in database. the data type is nchar(30), and looks like in the database its fill the string with white spaces to get length 30. may the datatype do that problem? something can make a change?
  2. caradri

    = vs like

    Hi, all. I have a strange issue, i think. i have a sql database and a simple select query "select * from tablename where columname='stringtosearch'; " this work fine until today, today only works with like: "select * from tablename where columname LIKE '%stringtosearch%'; " WHY???😭
  3. caradri

    string manipulation

    i want to do this : declare @a nvarchar(30); set @a = 'ssssss\ar12rvds\aaabbbccddd'; /*some name for example. Equal to the board name from vBoard4 view */ set @a = SUBSTRING(@a, (charindex('\', @a))+1,LEN(@a)) ; /*cut "ssssss\" */ set @a = SUBSTRING(@a, (charindex('\', @a))+1,LEN(@a)) ; /*Cut ar12rvds */ select @a as result; /* return aaabbbccddd only /* o each name in SELECT id, Name FROM namesTB how i do that?
  4. caradri

    for each

    Thanks for reply. I have this SELECT Manager.MasterID, Manager.TakeOutUserID, Manager.TakeOutDate, Manager.TakeOutComment, Manager.ReturnUserID, Manager.ReturnDate, Manager.ReturnComment, Manager.Status, Masters.PartNumber, Masters.Comment, Masters.Revision, Masters.Location, Masters.LastUse FROM (Manager INNER JOIN Masters ON Masters.SerialNumber = Manager.MasterID) but I don't know how to select the last(newest) entry on Manager for each Master table entry.
  5. caradri

    for each

    Hi all. I need help with a query. I need the whole last entry from table A for each item on table B. Thanks for any help.
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