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  1. extract xml id's using php

    Hi thanks for your reply. That was what I did initially, but it returned no values. Possibly due to poor syntax on my part. I have found a small piece of javascript that grabs the child elements from the parent by id, and think I may be able to update the database with the image urls after the initial values have been inserted. Seems a bit of a convoluted approach, but that's where I am at.
  2. extract xml id's using php

    Hi all, hope you can help I have an xml document that is loading nicely into a database, with the exception of the images within the image tags. See structure of xml below <channel> <property> <name>Name here</name> <description>​Description here etc etc</description> <images> <img id="0">img url 1 here </img> <img id="1">img url 2 here </img> </images> </property> </channel> I would like to get the image url's into the database with the | to separate them if possible. Below is the php script I am using get the info from xml into database. It works well for all fields except the images as they are id's with the main image tag <?php include('conn.php'); if(!$xml=simplexml_load_file('test1.xml')){ trigger_error('Error reading XML file',E_USER_ERROR); } foreach ($xml as $syn) { $name = $syn->name; $description = $syn->description; $images = $syn->img[]; $sql = "INSERT INTO Benek ( name, description, images ) VALUES ( '$name', '$description', '$images' )"; $query = mysql_query($sql); if (!$query) { echo ('Error: ' . mysql_error()); } else { echo "Record added"; } } ?> Thanks for your time. Paul