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  1. Hi,Thank you so much, that is really a few lines of code, and even allows more than one webpages, great.I am starting with PHP asap.Thank you again.
  2. Hi,Yes, I want to search some other's webpages, there will be a listo of different web pages.Looks like there's no simple way to do that, have to learn more programming.In a web page I can manually view the source and search it, or just do Ctrl+F type the word and will highlight it if there.Thank you anyway, I was hoping it can be done in just a few lines of code.
  3. Hi,I want to make a simple program that will search for one word inside the webpage something like:search("Geranium", "www.webpage.com")if found() write("www.123.com", "Geranium")Was told that cannot be don in javascript, but some more advanced language like Java.I don't need to run a website just execute a progam on my computer that will search the webpages.What is the simplest/easiest language that can do this? Java is too complicated for me.Thank you
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