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  1. Advanced Autosuggest Box

    Hello! I wonder if you can recommend a paid script which will create an advanced auto suggest box at my website? I need it to allow rich CSS styling. It should also group results by categories. The best two examples of such auto suggest box are BLOOMBERG TERMINAL and REUTER EIKON. I have attached links to images which show the search bars of both. http://s3.amazonaws.com/libapps/accounts/10680/images/Bloomberg.jpg https://blogs.thomsonreuters.com/financial-risk/wp-content/uploads/sites/12/2016/09/eikon-data-visualization-screenshot2.png If there is a software which can generate such autocomplete forms – please let me know!) Dave
  2. Hello friends! I have this table with row highlighting – it highlights the rows in different colours (first 3 in dark and later in blue). I wonder If I can also change the table cell highlight to yellow for the first three rows and keep the rest as it is now? Here is the style: <style> body { background-color: #0D0D0D; } tr:hover{ background: #0000F7; color: rgb(102,102,102); } tr:hover td{ background: transparent !important; } tr td:hover { background-color: #609 !important; } tr:nth-child(1):hover { background-color: #292C31; } tr:nth-child(2):hover { background-color: #292C31; } tr:nth-child(3):hover { background-color: #292C31; } a { color:#BFBFBF !important; } a { text-decoration:none !important; } </style> And the file itself: https://jsfiddle.net/33bxg04e/ Thanking you!) Dave
  3. Hi! I want to add horizontal row highlighting to the html table generated by Excel. I wonder if this is possible in the KNOWN UNIVERSE of human knowledge? Sometimes I think we have reached the edge with the Excel output). Please take a look and let me know if it is possible to replicate the highlighting shown on the good.html file – BUT PRESERVING THE ORIGINAL LAYOUT OF EXCEL GENERATED HTML. Dave here is the more or less good one: jsfiddle.net/1q7yqbdc and here is the originally exported html file from excel: jsfiddle.net/h5e6kjwa/1
  4. Export Dashboard as a Webpage with FIXED LAYOUT

    Thank you for your reply - do you think that exporting to pdf and then exporting pdf as HTML can do the trick?
  5. Hello, I am seeing very different page layouts in Firefox and Internet Explorer – when I open the webpage exported from Excel. Internet Explorer renders the webpage EXACTLY like it is shown in the excel file – the Firefox has all the Dashboard pictures squeezed into one another. I wonder if there is a way to export excel worksheet to a webpage with a fixed layout which will render the SAME in all browsers? I have attached the workbook exported and the snapshots of what I see in each of the browsers, Dave Files in my dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/s/f2uyo7rvjebcmi2/fixed%20layout2.rar?dl=02