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    Hello..I have one problem here regarding on putting html into aspBelow is my code<% if request("id_map") = "1" then "<img src='images/spinstar.gif'>" %>The error returned : " Syntax Error "Can someone correct the error please?
  2. well..tq 4 all the info..but suddenly i was thinking that I if could set my server to make all user must have to view my default page first before they could go anywhere...any possibilities?
  3. Hi everyone..hope can help me...I want to make users automatically redirected to my system default page when they open a web browserIs there any way to do that instead having set it as a home page?tq~
  4. hi..i have one problem here and hope someone can help me...This is my mapmy question is, how can I display an arrow (animation) on the specific retail store based on the information i send to the page (for example maybe the hot spot coordinate of the retail store). So that, the arrow will show the exact location of the retail store searched earlier in the system.For example, perhaps I want to find McDonalds store, then the system or map should display the exact location of McDonalds restaurant with displaying the arrow on the location of McDtq and hope get some replies from all of u
  5. Hi..i have one problem here while manipulating my mapI managed to draw out a mall map that contains the location of each store..When a user try to view the location of the store, i will display the map image..But, can someone tell me on how I can make the map to automatically put the viewed store on the middle of my screen..in other word..auto-focus to the viewed store?Does it involved with manipulating coordinates or something else...hope someone can help me...tq
  6. ok,let me explain about my project..basically my system should provide information abot any kiosk in a mall based on information searched by user...but then, in the system, I would like to show the location of the searched kiosk based on the map created?so, what software actually should I choose? and can it tolerate with ASP.NET?
  7. yaa..tq for all the solution given..very interesting topic..
  8. Does ASP.NET allow us to create a map (for example:shopping mall map) on it? does anyone know where to refer on this topic since i'm quite new in this areatq
  9. hi..i'm using DataGrid to display all my records..and i use to enalbe the delete functionPrivate Sub DataGrid2_DeleteCommand(ByVal source As Object, ByVal e As System.Web.UI.WebControls.DataGridCommandEventArgs) Handles DataGrid2.DeleteCommandmy dataset is named = DataSet21and my table named = "store_detail"anyone can show me on how to enable the delete function? perhaps in VB..tq
  10. Does your solution works in .net mobile?
  11. hi, does any one know how to display image saved in access database? FYI, i managed to saved in access using Ole Object but later got problem when want to display the image saved before.Any idea?
  12. yeah,I know..but I'm dealing with .NET mobile..not the normal one..quite hard to find the resources.
  13. hello..hope some one can help me..my question is how can I pass my value in current form to another form and then retrieve it so that I can used the passed value later...tq..
  14. hello..hope some one can help me..my question is how can I pass my value in current form to another form and then retrieve it so that I can used the passed value later...tq..
  15. Ok,I would like to show you somethingdid you see the javascript on bottom of the page?now,that link appear when I put my mouse on top of Books,Gifts,Toys,and Hobbies link? How can I change the link into my desired page? can you explain more regarding on your previous answer.quite blur..sorry..hehe
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