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    Need help to send data from Excel to Tally program by xml

    Why no reply sir?
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    Need help to send data from Excel to Tally program by xml

    Sorry I forgot to attach screen shot of final imported data in Tally program from Excel sheet. Herewith I attach the same https://app.box.com/s/1sexjvp14u6x16rqas8797wzireuqoh6 https://app.box.com/s/w57v3utm31km1ougzbvtdm8x4roqvc4b
  3. Dear all, I am very much new to this forum and this is my first post. I am having a Exceltotally program (Tally is an accounting program) Excel sheet is attached herewith. In A1 there is comment: <COLUMNNAME.LIST> <COLUMNNAME>ID</COLUMNNAME> </COLUMNNAME.LIST> <MASTER TYPE="LEDGER" SINGLERECORD="No"> <NAME.LIST> <NAME>sbi aakrutee</NAME> </NAME.LIST> <PARENT>Bank Accounts</PARENT> </MASTER> <VOUCHER> <GUID FORMULA="=+"ss-" & IF(AND(MONTH(B#)>=4,MONTH(B#)<=12),YEAR(B#) & "nn" & YEAR(B#)+1,YEAR(B#)-1 & "-" &YEAR(B#)) & "-" & IF(LEN(A#)>=18,"",REPT("0",18-LEN(A#))) & RIGHT(A#,18)"/> <DATE COLUMNREFERENCE="B"/> <EFFECTIVEDATE COLUMNREFERENCE="B"/> <VOUCHERTYPENAME>Receipt</VOUCHERTYPENAME> <REFERENCE COLUMNREFERENCE="A"/> <NARRATION COLUMNREFERENCE="H"/> <VOUCHERNUMBER COLUMNREFERENCE="A"/> <ALLLEDGERENTRIES.LIST> <LEDGERNAME COLUMNREFERENCE="C"/> <ISDEEMEDPOSITIVE>No</ISDEEMEDPOSITIVE> <AMOUNT FORMULA="=+Round(G#,2)*1"/> </ALLLEDGERENTRIES.LIST> <ALLLEDGERENTRIES.LIST> <LEDGERNAME>sbi aakrutee</LEDGERNAME> <ISDEEMEDPOSITIVE>Yes</ISDEEMEDPOSITIVE> <AMOUNT FORMULA="=+Round(G#,2)*-1"/></ALLLEDGERENTRIES.LIST> </VOUCHER> In Cell C1 comment is as under: <COLUMNNAME.LIST> <COLUMNNAME>LEDGERNAME</COLUMNNAME> </COLUMNNAME.LIST> <MASTER TYPE="LEDGER"> <NAME.LIST> <NAME COLUMNREFERENCE="C"/> </NAME.LIST> <PARENT>SUNDRY DEBTORS</PARENT> <ISBILLWISEON>No</ISBILLWISEON> <ISCOSTCENTRESON>No</ISCOSTCENTRESON> </MASTER> This excel sheet gives me a less than perfect result. It allows me to have one entry only under PARTICULARS. Screenshot is attached I want to have under PARTICULARS (in Tally program) Valuation fees 1500 Service tax 225 TDS Receivable AY1718 -150 So, total should be 1500+225-150 = 1575 Presently, with the above code, I can only enter Valuation fee = 1500/- How and what are the changes to make to get my result achieved. I am very much new to xml and so, I required help from you buddies