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  1. Language Problem

    The database data is not a problem. My problem was with things like forms where the form needs to serve two different languages. So all in all it seems I need to make two sets of php files - one for each language or one set with logic to display an English form or a French form. Many thanks for your help.
  2. Language Problem

    1) I have French wording in my site. French has accents. The accented letters show up as a ? in a diamond shape, i.e., �. How can I get the correct accented letters to show? 2) If I want to have a choice of French and English, do I need to have 2 separate set of files or is there a translation facility and if so, can you provide me the guidance. Thank you.
  3. Language Problem

    So if I understand you correctly, I need to have 2 sets of php files - 1 English and 1 French - and go to one of these depending on the user's language choice? Am I correct?
  4. Language Problem

    In the euphoria of having gotten the solution to my first problem/question I forgot that I didn't get a reply to my 2nd problem/question which was: 2) If I want to have a choice of French and English, do I need to have 2 separate set of files or is there a translation facility and if so, can you provide me the guidance. I should perhaps have also said '... or 2 sets of code?' Example: my form says: Name:____________ Address: _____________ etc., etc., etc. but if the user has selected French, then I want: Nom:_____________ Adresse:______________ etc., etc., etc.
  5. Language Problem

    Works great. Many Thanks. There is so much to learn!
  6. Language Problem

    re your point (1), how do I save files using UTF-8? My code is in Notepad files and I save them as PHP files. re your point (2), ok, I've put in the <meta charset("UTF-8")> in my code right after the <head> tag but still have the problem (I suppose because of point (1) not done. I understand your point 3 about the database and will do.
  7. My HTML is: [While($cntr < $NumRcds) {$cntr=$cntr+1; print("[<input type=\"radio\" name=\"choice\" id=\"rcd\" value=\"$Row[6]\"><br>");}] which gives me many records listed with each having a radio button. Upon Submit, I want to test if at least 1 button has been checked. My Java is the following and I've tried various other versions non of which work. Can you tell me what the code should be. [function formcheck() {if(name.choice.checked==true){return true;} else{alert(\"At least one record must be selected in order to DELETE.\");return false;}}] Thank you
  8. Testing a radio button ON or OFF?

    I've tried this code and it doesn't work and my Function gets executed on subit because I get the alert message from the first test.
  9. Radio Button Selection ID

    I display a variable number of records and each one has a Radio button for the user to select. Each record has a unique serial number. How can I determine which record was selected and pass this on to my next php file. e.g. of my code: While($cntr < $NumRcds) { $cntr=$cntr+1; if ($AffectedRows > 0) { ($Row = mysql_fetch_row($Results)); print("<input type=\"radio\" name=\"rcd\" id=\"rcd\" value=\"$Row[6]\">); $AffectedRows=$AffectedRows-1; } } Thank you
  10. Radio Button Selection ID

    Thank you dsonesuk. From what I can see it was because the "name" and "id" were both "rcd". As soon as I mad the "name" different, it worked beautifully. Many thanks.
  11. Radio Button Selection ID

    OK. I had to make the "name" different from the "id" in the <input> tag. <input type=\"radio\" name=\"rcd\" id=\"rcd\" value=\"$Row[6]\"> DOES NOT WORK <input type=\"radio\" name=\"choice\" id=\"rcd\" value=\"$Row[6]\"> WORKS Thanks for your help!
  12. Radio Button Selection ID

    I am using the POST method and it doesn't work. The $_POST['rcd'] does not contain anything. It only works if I do a separate print for each record (instead of a loop routine as in my above code) and if I give each <input> tag a separate name/id, e.g., rcdA, rcdB, rcdC, etc. But I dont't want to do this - that's not the way to programme and I also don't know how many records - it's avariable number everytime. So the question is how do I get to pass the "rcd" when using the loop method.