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  1. Bootstrap css columns don't look good

    Thanks for the swift response. I will take a look and comment back, although it may be beyond me ;-)
  2. Bootstrap css columns don't look good

    Hi, Thanks for looking! I am having some trouble with how the columns and rows lay out when I loop content. I am using Bootstrap. This code gives me the 4 responsive columns, but their uneven depths (images/text) mean it does not look good on a page. Here's what the code looks like; <div class="container-fluid bg-3 text-center"> <div class="row"> <div class="col-sm-3"> <loop> this loop gets an image and some text, and loops again til it's done (usually about 10-15 times. </loop> </div> </div> There's an image attached which shows what it results in and what I would like it to... Any help/advice really appreciated! Thank agains. Mark